Sunday, October 30, 2016

top three [10.30.2016]


  • If for one reason or another a patient only has one fallopian tube but still has an ovary on that side (for example, they had an ectopic pregnancy where the tube had to be removed), and that ovary is the one that ovulates in a given month, there is a 4% chance that the egg will be picked up by the fallopian tube on the other side. This is called ovum transmigration. 
  • I don't often mention dermatology facts because I don't have any experience in that field. Check out Elyse's recent Day in the Life post to hear about some of the very interesting medical conditions she sees on a daily basis. I learned a ton from her post - so many conditions they don't teach us in core dermatology during our pre-clinical years!
  • I recently stumbled across a PBS documentary that follows 7 Harvard medical students from their first year of medical school through the next twenty years of their life. The year they started medical school was the year that I was born, but 25 years later (to when I started school), it looks like nothing has changed besides the fact that we now have better hair, more professional clothing, and no longer use chalkboards for lectures. The time restraints, the not taking care of ourselves the way we should, the anxiety, the doubt, the happiness, the sadness, the big life moments - it's all the same. If you have two hours to spare, here's the first hour and here's the second. Sometimes I feel like I'm documenting something similar, from the day I got accepted, to my first day of school, to taking the boards, about the relationships you lose and gain, through all the rotations I've gone through, to now going though the matching process, to hopefully still being able to document parts of residency. In parts, my experience is very similar to all the students in my year, and the decades of students before me like the students in that documentary, but parts are also all mine, so I'm glad I've documented it, even just for myself. 

on the internet

  • Every year I save up money to buy myself one truly splurge item for my birthday. I'm thinking this year I'm going to go for this amazing jacket from Burberry. There are quite a few pairs on eBay that I'm watching as we speak!
  • This coatigan from Gap looks so darn comfy - I'd love to pair it with some riding boots and a white tee for the perfect fall outfit. It's now 35% off!
  • I love this gorgeous lace blouse from Modcloth. Wouldn't it be perfect for date nights and going out with girlfriends? 

ask me anything
  • The pants from the Limited that you get, are they the skinny ankle pants? I like the way they fit snug on your ankle. Did you have to get them altered to fit like that? Most ankle pants I buy are still a bit loose in the ankle and then just make me look frumpy.
    • The pants I wear all.the.time are the exact stretch skinny ankle pants in a size 12 long. I've had mine almost three years now, but I believe that I got the ankles hemmed to right where I wanted them (the regular sizing was too short but the longs were too long) and I know for sure that I had them taken in at the knee. For some reason, all dress pants are really loose at the knee on me, so I always have to have those tailored. I absolutely love these pants - they are easy to wash (I just throw them in the washer and dryer), have really held up over all this time, and fit so well. Definitely ordering a new pair in the near future!
  • Tell us about your interviews! Where are you traveling to, and how is the couples match going?
    • So, to be honest, I've been trying to keep this whole application stuff talk to a minimum on here and social media. The thing is, that with the match, there are no guarantees - I really hope I match into ObGyn in a location with CR, but none of that is guaranteed until I get the email in March saying we matched. So for those reasons, I'm just kind of keeping it close to the vest, as they say. BUT! In general, interviews are going well! We are at a number we feel comfortable with (although we would definitely love a few more), and are very happy with the places we get to interview at. I will be all over the eastern side of the country - I get to go home for a weekend to interview in Wisconsin, and then all over the place from there! It's definitely an exciting time for us :)
  • I'm in need of sweaters that can double as work clothes. Any suggestions? 
    • I have several ideas! First one is this cowl neck sweater at Modcloth - I like this because the asymmetry is fun for on the weekends, but can easily be tucked into dress pants for work. Loft currently is offering 50% off all sweaters - my favorites include this two-in-one sweater that is perfect for work but probably super comfortable. I also really like their tie sweater - it's like a blouse but in sweater material. 

on franish
  • on the blog: sharing this month's budget!
  • on the instagram: clinical rotation essentials (my fleece is Patagonia and this is where you can get that cuterus sticker)
  • on the twitter: you couldn't pay me enough to go back to being 16.

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at home
  • This week I spent quite a bit of time with the REI doctors - they are the reproductive endocrinology and infertility doctors. I learned so much this week! I even got to do a few of the procedures, which was awesome. Infertility is such a devastating situation for all those involved, and I was honored to be able to listen to these families share their stories. I'm also so thankful that medicine has made it possible for many of these families to eventually conceive. My friend Abby from high school has recently gone through the heartache of trying to conceive and being diagnosed with PCOS, but with the help of her REI, she is now pregnant! I love seeing how much of an impact one small medication and healthy decisions can help make a family. 
  • We decided we are doing the Turkey trot this year, and also thinking about signing up for a half marathon in the spring. I ran for the first time this week, and am excited to get back into it! 
  • There's going to be a little exciting announcement on instagram later today - can't wait to tell you guys more!