Wednesday, October 28, 2015

october budget

October Budget
one: x 2 (in navy and tan) $30 each = $60
two: originally $118 + 20% off = $96
three: $20
four: $110

October budget: $286

Quarterly budget: $209 in August + $156 in September +  $286 in October - $190 sold = $461

I knew months ago that I was going to be going to NYC in October, so I purposely tried to spend a little less in August and September, as well as sell a few items, so I could have a little more freedom in October. That's the thing I really like about having a quarterly budget - it gives me flexibility to spend less in some months, and then more in others.

I bought a few things that are more expensive than I usually buy, but I balanced it out with some inexpensive basics too. For the basics, I found a cardigan at Uniqlo that I really liked, and since they were on sale, I bought them in two colors. At $30 each for merino wool, I felt that was a bargain.

As for the more expensive items, lets all blame NYC for those. We don't have an Aritizia anywhere near here, and I fell in love with the beautiful fabrics in the store. I tried on a whole bunch of things, but fell in love with the color and cut of Erin sweater. The wool/linen blend is pretty darn great. I also stopped by at Anthropologie, and even though I typically don't shop there, the pretty windows convinced me to come in. I really liked the Navara top -it's one of those that I'll be able to wear in both my personal and professional life, so even though it's a very pricey item, it'll be versatile (and pretty). And that's why I'm glad I have a flexible quarterly budget!

Looking forward, I'd like to scale back a bit with the shopping. I feel I've been a bit spendy the last few months, even though I've stayed within my budget (for over three years now!). Part of that is because I was getting back into dressing up every day (miss you, yoga pants), so I wanted more options. The other part is I just like shopping! But I have enough clothes, so now's the time to get back to remixing a bit more. I do have one order coming from Loft (that I'll probably review next week, once it comes in), but besides that, all I'd really like to buy for a while is a pair of cognac boots. Buying and returning boots is so tedious that I'll just wait until Thanksgiving weekend when I'm closer to a mall (and hopefully with good sales!). Below is the style I'm looking for - as much as I'd love the Tory Burch pair, I actually really like the pair on the left (which is a lot more financially reasonable). Although the Blondo pair is waterproof, which is perfect for the slushy winters.

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Like every month, I feel it's only fair to also share what I receive from my sponsors. I received a Home t-shirt - these are 100% made in the US, and 10% of their profits are donated the MS research. You all know how much I love my home state, so I absolutely love this shirt. Make sure you also check out the other items the sell, including onesies and pillows! I also used some Shopbop credits to buy two sweaters. The chevron sweater has already been worn four times since I received it, including on a long and chilly car ride, and to an all day symposium - love that it can be worn for multiple occasions! The cowlneck/turtleneck is a style a bit different for me, but that's what I love about it (it's also incredibly soft!). I find that both fit true to size - I have both in larges.

OK - enough of my rambling! If you also wrote a budget post, I'd love to read it! Please link below and as always, please link back to this post.