Sunday, October 25, 2015

top three [10.25.2015]

ponte pants + fall = winning (comfy) combo

  • Tourettes is a neuropsychiatric disorder that begins during childhood, and involves motor and vocal tics. While it often is associated with violent obscene outburst, this only happens in a small percentage of patients (and is called copralalia, which is kind of a fun word to say).
  • The difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence is that alcohol abuse means the alcohol is interfering with daily life, and leads to trouble in the patient's personal or professional life (although the new DSM - how psychiatric disorders are categorized - has now changed this all to one disorder, alcohol use disorder. You can read more about that here). 
  • Koro is a disease, often found in South and East Asia, where the person believes their genitalia are shrinking and disappearing into their body. In the US and Europe, it's referred to as genital retraction syndrome. 

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  • I have wanted a travel jewelry case for so long - my ziplock bags are just not as cute! I love that this one from Baublebar can be somewhat customized, plus of course I love the inside!
  • I recently got this slouchy turtleneck and it's amazing. I don't do a full turtle neck because I don't like feeling that constricted, but the neckline on this is perfect. Super warm and comfy, and so so cute. 
  • If you live in a more temperate part of the country, or need a coat for that in between weather, please check out this beauty of a coat from Old Navy. So chic!

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  • PSL or TGL?
    • Neither. I actually haven't tried a toasted graham latte yet (although I want to!) but I just never fell in love with the PSL. My drink of choice is an iced chai latte. SO GOOD.
  • If you had to give away all of your purses except one, which one would you keep?
    • Ohhhhh, that's mean! But now, I'd probably say I would keep my Mulberry, just because it's so pretty! But if I could keep two, I would keep the Mulberry and the Coach bag my parents got me for my college graduation. I don't use that one much now, but I really treasure it because it meant so much.
  • I've only recently discovered your blog and have been trying to go through older posts. But even posts as recent as this summer have big grey circles with a line through them in lieu of where the images would be. Any chance you can restore the images on your blog?
    • I know, I'm so sorry! A few months ago, I finally made the change from using all my personal accounts for blogging to having blog specific handles for everything. In the change, I accidentally deleted ALL of my google+ pictures, which are the ones that I upload directly into posts (although all outfit pictures are linked in from flickr, so I luckily didn't lose all those too!). I tried to go back and restore some with the pictures I had on my computer, but I couldn't find a lot of them. I'm sorry :( I've been attempting to find some via google and pinterest, but haven't had much luck.

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  • I started my psychiatry rotation this week. My hospital is a bit smaller, so it's all outpatient. I'm using it as a time to get really good at understanding the psych medications, as I've always found them to be very confusing (sometime's it's hard to understand how medicine works when the experts don't even know how they really work!). I'm doing a lot of sitting though, so I'll be wearing all my higher shoes for the month ;)
  • I am Adele's number one fan girl - I'm seriously obsessed with her. Have you heard the first single of her new album?! Ugh, I just love her. 
  • I've been shooting with the same camera and 50mm lens for about three years now. I'm thinking of switching things up a bit and try an 85mm lens. Any of you photographers out there have any suggestions or tips?