Sunday, August 21, 2016

top three [08.21.2016]

my favorite summer shoes for.sure.

  • Hemochromatosis is a disease where too much iron accumulates in the body, leading to organ toxicity. Symptoms include liver disease, diabetes, and the skin actually turning a bronze color. The treatment? Regular phlebotomy sessions! 
  • Blackwater fever is an old term for malaria, as the rapid hemolysis (breaking up of red blood cells)  can lead to such a high amount of hemoglobin in the blood that the urine turns black (after being filtered by the kidney). 
  • One of the harder things about transitioning from book learning years to the clinical years is learning the brand names for medications. I love learning the background for brand names though. For example, Xarelto is an anticoagulant (blood thinner) that is a factor Xa inhibitor (Xa is a factor in the coagulation cascade that helps your blood to clot). Xarelto = Xa inhibitor. 

on the internet

  • My go-to work outfit is always black ankle pants and a simple top, so I'm constantly looking for work-appropriate tops to throw on and go. ASOS's grey ruffled top is so darn cute and versatile (and I love that they have free returns if it doesn't work out!). 
  • In the fall, I am all about the utility jackets (I may have two in my closet currently...), but I'd love to add a new color to the rotation. Gap has a really cute version that also comes in red and a cream caramel that looks so pretty! Plus it comes in petites and talls, which is key.
  • After convincing myself I do not need $400+ Chloe scalloped flats, I purchased the Sam Edelman version...and you guys, I have never worn such comfortable shoes in my entire life. I have the pink suede version, but am pretty sure the black leather version is going to happen too. Highly recommend!

ask my anything
  • I am fascinated with everything you share about being in medical school. I always wonder who coordinates all of the schooling? For example how do you know you will be working at X hospital for X amount of days for rotations etc. It seems like a lot to keep organized!
    • It is actually organized from two different sides. On the school side of things we have coordinators who keep track of what rotations we are supposed to be on, making sure we fulfill all of requirements, and so on. Then on the hospital side, there are clinical coordinators who work with the school to make sure we are on the rotation we are supposed to be on. I don't know how they keep it all straight! We actually do very little when it comes to our schedules, except for the few months where we get to go elsewhere. 
  • I'm getting married next year, and I have a year full of showers and get togethers and dinners to look forward to. Instead of buying a bunch of separate outfits/dresses I really want to find a perfect white skirt and pair it with different tops for versatility. Any suggestions?
  • I am preparing for my first year of premed and figuring out my path I have always wondered if you have part time jobs while in medical school or if you work through the school/hospital? Did you work while in college? 
    • Most people do not have jobs while in medical school just because our schedules are so inconsistent from week to week, month to month. We take out loans to pay for all of our expenses. I'm in a bit unique situation in the sense that I have an income from blogging, but I have not had a "real" job since starting medical school. In college, I had several jobs though. I worked in a microbiology lab for three years, I worked as the business manager for the UW Marching Band, I worked in a ticket office for three spring semesters, and I did a ton of nannying. 

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  • on the blog: the real concrete things I've done to improve my blog over the years
  • on the instagram: all the feels after another great rotation 
  • on the twitter: but like, is it worth moving to SF for? maybe...

notable sales

at home
  • You guys know I'm obsessed with sheet masks, and after falling down a reddit rabbit hole about k-beauty, I just ordered a ton from Memebox. If you haven't purchased from them before, you can sign up here and receive 20% off your entire order if you spend more than $25. Do I have at least 20 masks headed my way? ....maybe. 
  • Yesterday we spent the day at a state park with our favorite couple (hey girl heyyy). It was so nice to just be out near the water, eating lots of delicious food, and catching up! We are all so far from our families that we really hold on to each other tight!
  • I have finished my first month of family medicine, and am starting a new one next month with another doctor. I'm interested to see how different the two practices are, and the differences between a younger attending and a family medicine program director. It should be a good month!