Sunday, August 28, 2016

top three [08.28.2016]

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  • The smallest muscle in the body is the stapedius - it is just over one millimeter long! (it's a muscle in your ear)
  • The diuretic Lasix is named because it's effects last six hours. 
  • Patients who have Naegeli-Francheschetti-Jadassohn syndrome don't have fingerprints due to ectodermal dysplasia. 

on the internet
  • I really enjoyed reading Adina's style transformation post. I think it's so interesting to look back and see how your own style has evolved over the years, and I loved how she reflected on the stages of her life and body, and how that affected her clothing choices. 
  • Jenn's blog is one of the blogs I've read the longest, and I'm thrilled she's also starting a weekly/monthly update post. Only thing I'm bummed about is that she didn't like the new Essie polishes (my own review coming Tuesday, but spoiler, I love them).
  • Oh, just five new skincare products I need to add to my wish list. My skin care thanks you, Lauren, but my wallet does not ;)

  • I've never been that interested in off the shoulder sleeves and dresses, but then I saw this simple black version from Charles Henry and am rethinking my stance. Cute, right? 
  • Every fall, I'm on the lookout for a soft jacket/cardigan combo, but never have found just what I'm looking for - it either doesn't fit, or it's too itchy. I'm very tempted by Old Navy's version though as the cotton/polyester combo shouldn't be as scratchy as those wool versions.
  • One of my favorite purses is back again this year! I have the cognac version and love it. 

ask me anything
  • I've recently scored an interview invite at a medical school! But now I'm freaking out about what to wear to an interview. I grew up in Portland, OR where professionalism is kind of an anomaly, so I don't have much reference for what to wear. Do you have any suggestions? Do I need to wear a pants suit? Or can I do fitted, knee-length sheath dress with a blazer? Do they have to be matching in color? Please help!
    • My personal preference for interview outfits is a pant suit in either a grey or black set with a nice blouse underneath. I think the big things to look for are that it the suit fits you well (like the pant hem is the correct length and that the blazer isn't ridiculously oversized), and that the colors/fabric of the blazer with the dress/pants match. I personally don't like wearing a dress/skirt because you will have to wear pantyhose, and I just wouldn't want to deal with that, but if you feel more comfortable in a dress and a blazer, then go for it! You should feel comfortable, but look professional, and you will in either combination. I will be writing a post in the future about the search for my suit for residency interviews, but right now I'm considering either this suit from The Limited or this pants + blazer combo from Ann Taylor - both come in talls, which means I can order the pants longer and have them hemmed to where I want them to be, and that the blazer will be long enough on my arms (typically regular sized tops are too short on me). Hemming of pants is not expensive, so that's the one big tailoring item I'd recommend, as it can look sloppy to have pants dragging on the ground. Good luck on your interview - you're going to kill it!
  • You've mentioned on several posts that you struggle with acne. I've read your reviews on different products that your dermatologist has suggested and your success. Unfortunately, many of the same creams haven't worked for me (late 20's too, I thought I was done with acne!). What are your thoughts on Accutane? Have you ever considered it? 
    • I personally have very little (ie. no) experience with Accutane as I've managed to get my acne under control with topicals, but as I understand it, it should be used as a last resort for your acne. If you've used topical and oral antibiotics, and other prescription creams such as tretinoin, and you haven't seen your acne clear up, it may be a good idea to talk to your dermatologist about considering going on Accutane. I know several people who went on Accutane and had amazing results, but there are definite side effects that need to be considered, as I'm sure you already know, about it severely drying out your skin, and the fact that you can absolutely not get pregnant during your time on Accutane. Like I said, I have no experience with it personally, but if I personally had such bad acne that topicals weren't working for me, I'd talk to my doctor about the possibility. Joyce has a post on her thoughts on treating adult acne, and as a dermatology resident, I would trust her advice more than a fourth year medical student going into obstetrics and gynecology ;)
  • You recently mentioned keeping your German Citizenship, so I was wondering whether you ever considered attending Medical School in Germany? 
    • I didn't really consider it, to be honest! By the time I decided I wanted to go to medical school, I was more than half done with my college degree, and as you know, in Germany, you don't go to undergrad first, you directly enter medical school from high school, and go for six years versus the four we go for here (because the first few years of medical school in Germany include a lot of the courses we take in undergrad here). In addition, my German isn't perfect, so for me, adding the language stress on top of the med school stress didn't sound appealing. Plus I already had a life in the US that I didn't want to give up - I had a boyfriend at the time, I had two dogs, my whole life was here! Lastly, it is more difficult for foreign trained doctors to get into a residency spot in the US, so that was another hurdle I didn't want to overcome, knowing that I'd want to come back to the US to practice.  For those of you who don't know, my younger sister actually did go to Germany for medical school, but she was in a different situation, as she only did one year of college here, and really loved living in Germany (we both spent a year there as teenagers). So for her, it was a great situation where she got to go back to Germany, be near our extended family, and complete her degree in six years with no debt. But for me, there were certain aspects of that life that I didn't want, which is why I stayed here! 

on franish
  • on the blog: ever wanted to know what my eyes looks like up close? ;)
  • on the insta: don't you love when you can find cute places for drinks? 
  • on the twitter: seriously still waiting on those new emojis!!

notable sales

at home
  • I started my second family medicine rotation this week. The doctor I'm with has summer hours, which is awesome because I get a bit more free time! Goals for these months of easier rotations include cooking more and working out, both of which happen for the most part (except the other day where I played Sims all day...oops!). 
  • It was all about friends this weekend. On Friday I went up to Cleveland to get drinks and dinner with one of my best friends from college who recently moved to Ohio, yesterday we got dinner with CR's former roommate, and today I'm spending the day with my best friend in med school. I love having people around, even if it's only temporarily (our lives and places we are living change monthly, so it's nice when those months line up!) 
  • I'm taking CR on a secret trip this weekend (those of you who follow along on snapchat already know!). We both have a three day weekend luckily, so we are getting out of here! I can't wait :)