Sunday, August 7, 2016

top three [08.07.2016]

my J.Crew rhinestone shell may be the most versatile item in my wardrobe

  • Splenules are basically accessary spleens, and are not completely uncommon.
  • A significant amount of people have a fused fifth toe - they have two joints instead of three!
  • Phlegmon: spreading of inflammation with a formation of pus that can lead to a palpable mass on exam. An example is diverticulitis.
(big thanks to my girlfriends for providing me with such good medical facts this week!)

on the internet


ask my anything
  • What is your snapchat name?
    • You can find me at @fhasselhof. It's mostly just snaps of my dogs with occasional clothing reviews and discussions about medicine (but really mostly my dogs...). How are we feeling about snapchat versus insta stories? I think I'm going to stick mostly with snapchat for the casual stuff - the animals, what we are up to, and so on. I think I'll use insta stories less often, and then really only to share more "insta worthy" things like outfits and maybe sharing newly posted blog posts (since I rarely actually instagram those). How are you guys feeling about this new social media change? I feel everyone is losing their minds!
  • I wear the same size as you and I am having trouble finding a pair of white jeans that are flattering. Any suggestions? 
    • Yes! I absolutely love my Articles of Society jeans - they are a bit more form fitting, which I think is necessary when it comes to white (or really any) jeans. I find they run true to size, and are currently 40% off!
  • Is CR what you actually call him, or is it just the name you use for him on your blog to maintain some privacy?
    • That's just his blogging nickname :) He's very anti-internet in the sense that he has no social media, so I felt it was only fair to keep him pretty much off the blog as well.  He says there will be certain situations where he's willing to be on the blog/social media though ;)

on franish

notable sales
  • Anthropologie: extra 25% off sale items
    • From the front, this skirted tee is pretty generic looking...the beauty is in the back!
    • I'm going to order their peplum tank - I think it would be a nice dressier version of a v-neck tee shirt, and could be worn under everything. 
    • Have a wedding to go to next weekend, and still don't know what to wear ( me?). There's always this beautiful lace periwinkle dress!
  • Banana Republic: 40% off everything (50% if you use your BR card)
  • Nordstrom: last day of the Anniversary sale!
    • I'm trying to upgrade my sad bra collection (I have 3 of the same ones, and just rotate them), so I finally caved and ordered a Chantelle Intimates bra since the sale was so good on it. I'll let you guys know how it goes...although there will be no review post ;)
    • I'm still so tempted by the Nars blush palette. Do I need it? Nooooo. Do I want it? Yesssss. 
    • How amazing are these Puma sneakers? Ugh, if I didn't need to wear fluid proof shoes for work, I would be all.about.them. 

at home
  • I finally got my hair done again this week, and I feel like a brand new person. Isn't it interesting how a few highlights and an inch off your hair can change everything? In an attempt to keep my hair as healthy as possible though, I've been using Aveda's conditioning treatment around my hairline (where I have a lot of breakage) and on the ends of my hair every time I wash it. I used it a bottle of it in college and it made such a difference, so fingers crossed it still works just as well!
  • From now until January, either CR or I will be not at home as one of us will be doing away rotations. Luckily for all but two of those months, we are within 1.5 hours of home, so we can still see each other on the weekends (most of the time). Between work, blogging, and working out, I'll hopefully be able to keep myself busy but I'm really not looking forward to being separated that much, and definitely not looking forward to sleeping alone :(
  • So because of that, we made sure to have a really great weekend. On Friday, we went to a state park nearby, went on a picnic, and then took the dogs to the best dog park we have ever been to (it had a designated swimming area!), and then watched the Opening Ceremonies. On Saturday, we watched more Olympics, and then went to Pittsburgh for dinner and a Pirates game. Today is all about....more Olympics :)