Wednesday, December 28, 2016

december budget + budget in review

Loft blouse: originally $60, on sale for $30 (currently 50% off!)
Macy's sequin tee: originally $80, on sale for $30
Ann Taylor shoes: originally $118, on sale for $60 (on major sale!)
Ann Taylor blouse: originally $70, on sale for $35

December's budget: $155

Quarterly budget: $500 - $100 in November - $155 in December = $245 leftover for January

It's our last budget post of the year! I've been writing my budget posts for four and a half years now, and I think 2016 was really the year where I really didn't feel the need to shop as much anymore. I still do quite a bit of it, but I've started to become particularly picky about the things I keep - I'm always excited to try new things (and share my thoughts with you guys) but I end up keeping so few of the items I order. I plan on going into more details about some of my favorite purchases and biggest misses of the year in the next few days during my year in review post (you can see previous versions here), but I did want to talk about a few specific budget related items today! 

I bought 38 items this year, which averages out to just a little over three items a month. The most expensive item of the year was my J.Crew blazer (seen here), which I think is also my favorite purchase of the year. I spent $1,983 this year - that averages to $52 per item. I think that's a bit skewed because every few months I buy an item that's over $100, while most other items I buy are under $40. I've tried a new technique this year of putting items I like in my carts online, and then waiting until a good 30-50% off sale (depending on store) happens so that I get the best deal I can. I also started using store cards a bit more (I have ones at Loft, Gap, and Nordstrom) because it's easier for returns and because you get free spending money that way. I pay mine off every month, so I'm not losing any money through interest. 

Overall, I'm very happy with the way that quarterly budgets have worked out for me for the past three years. Some months I spend a bit more and other months I buy one thing, so having the flexibility to spend more or less depending on what I come across has been so great for me. If you are thinking about starting a clothing budget in the new year, I wrote a post all about that last year

In this month particularly, I went half practical, and half a bit more fun! On the fun side of things, my new velvet flats are not the world's most comfortable and sturdy shoes, but they sure are cute and fun to wear - they are currently on sale + 60% off, with most sizes still available!  The sequin top is for NYE (we're hosting a small party here) and while not something I'll wear a ton, it's definitely a fun addition! On the slightly more practical side of things, my split neck top (reviewed here) was worn twice over the weekend - it's currently 50% off if you're interested. The popover is patiently waiting to be worn (I'm in scrubs on this rotation) but it's a fun take on the classic shirt - will definitely be wearing this a ton in the spring, and on warmer days here (like this week - it was 50 degrees yesterday!). It's also on sale + 60% off (I find it runs true to size). 

As always, I'd like to thank a few of my sponsors by acknowledging the items I received from them. I think it gives a more well rounded view of my own budget since I do receive some things for free every month. One of the companies who I have worked with the longest, and one I truly believe in, is Daniel Wellington. I have several of their watches, and wear them constantly. They are such timeless pieces that I just can't rave about enough. This month I received one of their new black collection watches - you can see it on me here! If you're interested, they are offering you 15% off with code FRANZISKA15. I also got to work with Shoebuy, and received a new pair of boots and a coat from them. 

And for the last time in 2016, it's your turn!