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this year's gift guides: for medical students, for stationery lovers, and for the iphone obsessed

  • A study done on kidney models has shown that riding roller coasters helped pass the kidney stones in the model kidneys. Obviously, the fact that it was done on models and not real humans doesn't make it the best study, but it was inspired by actual people claiming that the ride helped them pass their own kidney stones. 
  • Echolalia: unsolicited repetition of words made originally by another person. It is often seen in children with autism. 
  • Spontaneous regression of melanoma (the worst type of skin cancer) is extremely rare (there are only 76 documented cases), that some believe is due to immune responses. 

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  • I'm currently in undergrad, considering a career in medicine and thinking getting a very small, very meaningful tattoo (literally so small it looks almost like a mole if you aren't close up enough). I really want it on the inside of my wrist, but I know that tattoos can be looked down upon in the medical field. If it's that tiny, do you think it will be okay?
    • I definitely think that won't be a problem, as long as it's something you know you'll want forever. I had a small wrist tattoo for most of medical school - the nice thing about wrist tattoos is that they are easily covered up by watches! I got my tattoo when I was 18 though, and by the time I was 28, I realized that it was something I no longer loved and it no longer meant anything to me, so I've been undergoing tattoo laser removal (I'm almost done with the process, and will be writing a post about that in the future!). If it's something you love and it's small, it's no big deal!
  • After working as an engineer for a long time, I'm going back to school to with my final destination being a nurse anesthetist. At 36 years old, I sometimes get discouraged and feel like I'm doing this way late in the game...what is your advice to someone who is older?
    • I definitely can understand your hesitation about being an older student when you compare yourself to the early twenties students you see otherwise. I like to think of it as you have one life, and it's a pretty long life, so you should do the thing that you think will make you the most happy. 36 is not old at all! You have many decades ahead of you, and so wouldn't you want to spend that time you will be working doing something you always wanted to do, rather than always looking back and wondering "what if?". I also think it's helps to not just compare yourself to others in life situations - I've said before that I'm one of the only non-married people in my high school class, so of course when I compare myself, as being unmarried without children, without a permanent home, yeah, that's hard. But I'm working towards something that makes me happy and fulfilled, and that's all that matters in the end! 
  • Any advice on fun Christmas sweaters? Bonus if they ship quickly!

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  • We were a few months behind, but in the last week, CR and I have watched the first season of Westworld and OMG. It was so good, I couldn't stop thinking about it! I downloaded the music, I started listening to podcasts about it (Decoding Westworld), and have already restarted watching the season from the beginning. Apparently season two doesn't come out until 2018?! 
  • I'm finally almost done with my Christmas shopping. I feel some years I'm so excited about the presents I'm giving, and other times, I find it so hard to shop for my closest friends and family members. This was one of those years where I really struggled!  Anyone else? 
  • Poor Baer got into some garbage earlier this week, and now he's been a miserable wreck - throwing up, not eating, just wanting to cuddle all night and day. He's still going to the bathroom and drinking a bit here and there, so he's doing okay, but I hope my boy gets better soon. That'll teach them for playing around in garbage though!