Friday, December 23, 2016

review: when it looks better on the model online

Yesterday was a day where a bunch of packages showed up at once, so I figured we could do a quick review - it was this or a last minute gift guide, and I figured you guys knew where to run to go grab last minute presents! ;)

Caslon® Cowl Neck Sweater Poncho

First off is the item I was most excited about, this poncho from Nordstrom. This is an example of ponchos that don't work on me. Unlike my other poncho that is a looser but has real sleeves, this is more like one giant square of fabric with arm holes in it. That means it's a lot looser and on me, less flattering. I think one of the biggest issues with trying to dress a curvier body is finding the balance between too fitted and too loose, because going too far in either direction makes you look bigger overall. This is one of those situations where too loose made me look bigger. I also felt that the fabric was thinner than I wished it was - online it looks a lot thicker than it actually was. Overall, I was really excited about this but was disappointed when I finally got to try it. I'm wearing the medium/large here.
This next top is a lot cuter in real life than it looks in these pictures because looking at these pictures, I don't like it as much in these pictures as I do actually wearing it (it would probably help if I had steamed it first before taking pictures). It's a light weight blouse with an interesting shape (at least interesting for me!) that flows really nice - perfect for wearing with ponte pants and boots! I also think it would look nice tucked into dress pants as well. I think on me, I wish the split neck was a bit higher just because I feel I have fairly high cleavage that is always on display unless I wear a top with a high neckline. For example, on the model online you just see chest, but on me, you see boobs. So I won't wear this to work but it's definitely a great blouse to wear at nights and on the weekends (I plan on wearing it to one of the Christmas events this weekend). The other thing to note is that online the fabric is opaque and white, and in real life it's a bit more sheer and cream colored rather than stark white. Not a big deal for me since I always wear camis under shirts, but if you don't, this would probably be an issue. I'm wearing a large here.
The next item is one I've tried on several times now because I keep trying to make it work on me. There's a Theory blouse I really liked but was very expensive, so when I found the Loft version, I was so excited! I first tried it on a few months ago in the store, but it was really staticky so I passed. Then I ordered it again last week just to see if maybe it would be better, but it wasn't! It was sticking to everything as much as before, and I just know that even after washing it and using static guard, it would still do this. Also, the shirt just didn't sit right on me. You can see how the shoulders seams go down too far on my arm rather than sitting at my shoulder, making my shoulders look even broader. Overall, I love the idea of this blouse - a pretty crimson red with ruffle details, but the fabric and then fit make a no go for me. I'm wearing a large here.
This is that plaid blouse I mentioned last week, and I loved the idea of a simple blouse for the holidays. There's really nothing wrong with this blouse, I just ended up not loving it that much. I felt the neckline was a bit weird - like it wasn't a boat neck but wasn't a rounded neckline either? It was a nice fitting blouse otherwise, longer than I would have expected for a non-tall blouse. I just wasn't that excited about it, and especially for a blouse I'd only wear for a few months of the year, it wasn't worth keeping. I'm wearing a large.
How many of these types of cardigans do I have to try before I just accept that mayyyyybe they don't work on me? This one is also from Loft and while I love it on the model, it just didn't work on me (which is always my biggest issue - I love it on the model but not on me). Things I do like - it's a warm fabric, it has pockets, and it's comfortable. But it's a bit too much fabric, and just looked chunky on me. Maybe one of these days I'll learn. 
This is the blouse I tweeted about last week where I really wish it came in tall sizing. I love the look of these types of blouses, but they are always made really boxy. I ordered it anyway, just to make sure you (you never know!). In actuality, this really wasn't as boxy as I had thought it would be. I could almost have convinced myself to keep it and just wear a dark cami underneath and no one would have really noticed that it was just an inch or two too short on me, but I don't want to keep something that's just okay. If you don't need tall sizing, I highly recommend this blouse though because it's really quite gorgeous. I'm wearing the victorian plum color in a large here. 
Last Loft item now is the floral top I mentioned a few weeks ago that I initially didn't like but then the more I looked at it, the more I did like it. Now that I've tried it on, I'm back on the "better not" camp. The pattern is just a bit too much on me, and reminds me of a shirt I had when I was a kid so in my mind, it's a bit dated for me. The neckline was also a bit too wide - you can see my bra strap hanging out on the side too. I'm wearing a large here. 
 INC International Concepts Sequined Top
Okay, and now for the most fun item - this entire sequined tee! "Original" price is $80, but with sales and so on, I ended up getting this for just over $30, which is perfect for a shirt I'm going to wear at most twice a year. It's a lined shirt, so you don't have the sequins rubbing against your skin, and it's actually really fun to wear! I'm wearing a size large here, and if you are looking for an easy outfit for NYE, it doesn't get much easier than this! It's also currently on sale for $31

And that's it! Nothing too crazy and exciting, except all sequined shirts ;) I hope you guys have a great holiday, get to spend some time with friends and family, and get to eat lots of delicious cookies. We are in upstate New York with CR's family this year. I'm sad I won't be with my own family this year, but luckily we are having our own little get together in a few weeks in Florida! I'll be back on Sunday for the weekly top three, and next week with a budget post and a fun outfit post as well!