Sunday, November 13, 2016

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picks from the Loft 40% off sale: one (so soft!) | two (perfect for the holidays) | three (exact dupe for this $300 blouse!)

  • Delayed interval delivery is when during a multi-fetal pregnancy (like twins or triplets), one of the babies is delivered while the other isn't to give the second baby more time to mature. This is typically due to pre-term labor or premature rupture of membranes. It's a horribly sad situation, but delayed interval delivery gives the other baby more time to mature.
  • Alien Hand Syndrome as an extremely rare neurologic condition that happens after a stroke or brain trauma. One hand moves completely on its own - sometimes even slapping or chocking the body it belongs to!
  • In the final stages of hypothermia, some people will undergo paradoxical undressing - theories are that in those final stages, the muscles are too tired to contract anymore, so blood rushes into the extremities, so the people think they are overheating, and take off all their clothes. 

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  • We are running a 4.5 mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving (next week already!) and so I've been trying to put in my miles at the gym the past few weeks. These amazing gold/black running tights would basically give me all the motivation I need to sticking with it over the holidays!
  • Looking for an easy (and stretchy!) outfit for Thanksgiving? This cowl neck tunic sweater will be perfect with some leggings and boots, and lets you eat as much pie as you want. 
  • I didn't think I wanted to join in on the slip on sneaker trend...until I saw this pair from Steve Madden. I saw them in Nordstrom this weekend and fell in love! I'm thinking the grey color (although that rose gold is pretty fun!).

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  • What are your thoughts on block heels? I've noticed they are having a moment right now, and I can't decide how I feel about them. I've tried a few on, and they are definitely more comfortable and easier to walk in.
    • I love them, actually! I don't wear heels a ton, but when I do, I typically wear my block heels. Like you said, they are just so much easier to walk in than stilettos. I also like the ones out there now with a bit of a shorter heel - BP has a really cute pair that's retro and fun, but totally work appropriate. 
  • Do you have any advice for how to stand out during rotations?
    • Unfortunately as medical students, there aren't a ton of things you can do to actually make the lives of the residents and attendings easier, but there are ways you can be helpful. The point is for you to learn and see the different fields of medicine, so it's more about being a person other people want to be around than things you can do to make the day of doctors easier. The biggest ways to stand out is to be excited to learn, and try to be as engaged during patient care as you can. Know when it's okay to ask questions and when it's not. Big no-nos include playing with your phone when around patients, just walking away during H&Ps, and leaning against a wall and closing your eyes (I've seen all three of these happen). I've also seen students tell residents they don't want to see a procedure because they have seen one before, and rolling their eyes when asked if they want to participate in surgery. I always bring in a treat on my last day for the team/office I've worked with - people are taking time out of their busy days to teach and guide you, so a small thank you gift of donuts or bagels is a nice way to thank the whole team. 
  • I've dealt with persistent acne since I was 14. It's been such a rollercoaster journey. I'm now 23 and still have reoccurring breakouts in my chin area mainly, and my back. Do you have any suggestions or helpful advice? I know my skin doesn't define me and I'm trying not to stress about it, but its such a kick to your confidence (Look at me, not my acne!!). I currently use a lot of Paula's Choice products but I feel like I'm just treating the symptoms and not the cause. Advice?
    • Having acne can definitely be a huge blast to your ego, and after years of dealing with it myself, I completely know where you are coming from. Since you feel that at this point you have done the most you can do yourself, and the most that commercial products can do, it may be time to take it to the specialists. There are a ton of medical reasons why you are continuing to have acne - it could be a hormonal issue (like PCOS), bacterial issues, or you may just be a person who naturally has skin prone to acne. Seeing your PCP would be a great place to start - they may try certain types of medications to see what helps (hormonal birth control, topical bacteria, or topical tretinoin are possible options). If your PCP is unsuccessful, they may refer you to a dermatologist. Joyce, a dermatology resident, has a much better explanation and work up on her blog that gives you a better idea of how a dermatologist approaches acne treatment. From personal experience, treating my PCOS with hormonal birth control and spironolactone, as well as starting to use topical tretinoin, are the two major medical changes I've made in treating my acne. 

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  • Man you guys, this week definitely wasn't the greatest. As many of you know, I'm actually not allowed to vote because I'm a felon (kidding, I'm just a German citizen + US permanent resident), but I had high high hopes for this election. I'm saddened to see how it turned out, and I'm very nervous that many of the great things that have happened for our country and people may be reversed. This is a great opportunity for us to do good though - one of my best friend's friend started a way to find charitable causes at local and national levels. Please add any charities you have found as well! I have been a long time financial supporter of Planned Parenthood, and will continue to donate as they provide incredibly necessary components of women's health. 
  • Like I mentioned last week, I start my emergency medicine rotations tomorrow! I'm a bit nervous - I haven't worked in the ED yet, so I don't really know what to expect. 
  • Living in dorms rooms and houses with minimal kitchen appliances for two months have caused me to fall into some unhealthy eating habits, so now that I'm home (when I'm not traveling for interviews), I am so ready to get back into healthier habits - eggs at home and not in a Starbucks sandwich, meals filled with lean meats and veggies, and cutting back on the sweets. I bought a blender this week (as well as chocolate protein powder...who am I?!), and I'm excited to start making smoothies too - I think it'll be a great snack for the mid morning! Do you have any favorite smoothie recipes?!