Wednesday, November 23, 2016

for you & for her (at 40% off!)

Years ago, when I first researched buying my first J.Crew blazer, I remember googling "when does J.Crew have a sale" because at that time, they very rarely had sales! I think I ended up getting that blazer with like 10% off.

Luckily for us, J.Crew has really changed their opinion on sales, and now regularly have 25-30% off sales...but this week, for the first time ever, they are offering 40% off! Which is a pretty big deal if you are like me and regularly enjoy window shopping, but don't frequently purchase anything because of the price. Below are some of my tried and true picks (most which I own, a few I have my eye on), as well as a few gift ideas if you have a loved one who really loves the Crew ;)

  1. Regent blazer: How many more times can I profess my love for this blazer?! While I've only shown it on my blog once, I have been wearing it non-stop for the past two months. It is so versatile, actually travels really well, and is just my favorite item in my closet right now. Highly recommend getting it now, if you've had your eye on it!
  2. Lace Peplum top: I just got this in the mail this week (I ordered it weeks ago but I was gone), and I loooooove it. I got the black version in a 10 tall, and it fits perfect. I've wanted a lace top with a slight peplum for years now, but they were always too boxy on me. Getting it in a tall makes it fit so much better - I'm planning on wearing it under my camel blazer on Friday for a night out with friends!
  3. Tuxedo blouse: I have a very similar version from Banana Republic that I wear constantly - it's the perfect top on it's own, tucked into a skirt, or worn under a blazer. It also comes in petites and talls!
  4. Lace Fit & Flare: I don't have this exact version, but it's so pretty that I had to include it! It's a collection piece, but actually one of their more reasonable priced ones, especially with 40% off!
  5. Perfect shirt: I have a similar version from last year, and wear it constantly during the winter months. This year's version has all the primary colors in it, which means you can easily mix and match it with items in your closet.
  6. #2 Pencil Skirt: it's a cult favorite for a reason. I have two, one in black and one in maroon, but would really love to own this green version as well. Bummed that my size is already sold out!
  7. Slippers: the older I get, the less tolerant of cold feet I become. I love the pretty pink color of these slippers!
  8. Crossbody bag: You will never go wrong gifting such a great bag (plus you can get it monogrammed, which is my favorite part!)
  9. Robe: CR's parents got me a robe last year, and I'm obsessed with it - it's perfect both for when you're getting ready in the morning, and just for Sunday morning lounging. 
  10. Phone case: leather + monogrammable, what more do I have to say?!