Monday, November 21, 2016

for your friend who really loves her smart phone...

I like to do a few gift guides every year, usually on topics that I am also interested in - previous versions included a gift guide for 1st/2nd year medical students, one for 3rd year students, and for your friend who just really loves organization. I've had this USB keychain in my shopping cart for months, which got me thinking about all the tech things I wish I owned. I'm 100% not a techie (I just really love my Apple products,) so here are some of my ideas for your iPhone obsessed friend (or yourself, no judgement!).

  1. Noise canceling headphones. I've had these for three years, and am obsessed with them!! 
  2. iPad cover: they also have a version you can customize yourself with pictures
  3. Portable picture printer. Love the idea of this - it's like a 21st century version of polaroids...with instagram filters (how meta)
  4. iPhone dock: a sleek (and more organized) way of charging your phone
  5. Hidden USB/lightening cord: this ones on my wishlist - it's chic and functional!
  6. Portable charger: provides 16 more hours of battery time (and it's pretty)
  7. Bluetooth speakers: We have a similar version, and use it all the time. We use it in the kitchen, use it in the garage during work outs, and take it along on camping trips!
  8. Keychain Apple Watch charger: the one item I really want - it's cute, it charges your watch, and it's easy to use on the go. 
  9. Cord case: just ordered this after messing around with all my cords way too long. 
  10. Cute tech gloves: no need to get frostbite while trying to return a text message - perfect for someone who lives in the colder parts of the country!
  11. Smart light bulb: kind of an oddball one at the end, but you can adjust these light bulbs from your phone. They apparently last 22 years?!