Sunday, November 6, 2016

top three [11.06.2016]

inspiration pinning all week ;)

  • Immersion foot sounds like pretty horrible condition to be in - it happens when feet are exposed to prolonged periods of wetness and cold. The foot will turn pale, and may even start to show early signs of necrosis because the blood supply is so poor. This isn't seen as much anymore, but was rampant during the World Wars (back then it was called trench foot). 
  • Quinke's disease, or isolated uvular angioedema (most diseases named after people are now more commonly referred to by what it is rather than who discovered it), is thought to be caused by a type of hypersensitivity reaction where only the uvula (the little punching bag in the back of your throat) swells up. 
  • Globus pharyngis: the sensation of having a lump or something stuck in your throat ...not related to Quinke's disease though ;)

on the internet
  • Pin this outfit to your holiday board for a work-appropriate Halloween costume for next year. So cute, right? 
  • Loved these five beauty lessons learned from Charlotte Tilbury. Now if I could just get her to make me my own lipstick color!
  • I've been a huge Lauren Conrad fan from the beginning (what can I saw, basic b*tches unite) - I'm obsessed with her house and basically will just copy every aspect of it in my future dream home. 

  • I've been trying to branch out in my color choices lately - not completely new ones, but just ones that will add a little something special to my already very neutral closet. While this large square scarf is also mostly neutral colored, the burnt orange makes it stand out for me...and now that it's under $20, it will be a fun addition to my closet!
  • Have you started looking for the perfect dress for the holidays? I love this lace dress from Anthropologie because it's a bit more covered up (pair it with black tights and booties, and you'll be the most comfortable girl in the room), the sleeves make it unique, and the red lace makes it perfect for the holidays. 
  • Another item for the holidays that you can wear for the next two months straight are these glitter loafers from Sole Society - I'm obsessed with the bronze version. 

ask me anything
  • What wallet/purse do you use for work? I am in need of a good wristlet for the hospital!'
    • I actually don't use a wallet anymore! I love my wallet, but it is just too large and cumbersome to carry around all the time. For rotations where I'm in a hospital setting, I use a phone case/wallet combo that works so well - I keep my debit card and drivers license in there, and always have them handy when I need them. For rotations where I'm in the clinic, I use a card keyfob
  • I still struggle with finding comfortable shoes to wear to work - what are the most comfortable shoes in YOUR closet? 
    • My most comfortable shoes in my closet are my Sam Edelman scalloped flats, an old pair of Target flats with insoles added, and my Michael Kors driving loafers (I wore these all over DC yesterday with no pain!). It's all about finding real leather shoes with a bit of support in the sole, which these shoes all have (either on their own, or with little help!). I also always put a bit of baby powder in my shoes before wearing them (prevents sweaty feet when you don't wear socks) and I always carry a friction block with me incase shoes rub the wrong way for some reason. 
  • As a future OB/GYN, how do you feel about women (and men) electing to have permanent birth control procedures done at a "young" age and without having children? My husband and I (ages 31 and 30, respectively) know 100% that we do not want children. However, I have had doctors question me, telling me I will "change my mind later in life," and I know of friends who are around our ages who have had trouble finding doctors to perform procedures on them such as a tubal or a vasectomy since they didn't have kids. What is your take on this? 
    • This is a pretty difficult question for me to answer, and I'll explain why. In medical school, we don't ever have to make those decisions. We watch doctors make these decisions, but we are never the ones who have to make them, so I have never had to tell a 30 year old woman who hasn't had children that I won't do a tubal ligation on her. But, I do see where doctors come from when they are hesitant to do these procedures on young couples. Any type of permanent sterilization comes with risks, immediately after the procedure and in the long term. There are enough people who do try to have their tubals or vasectomies reversed later down the line that a part of a doctor's responsibility is counseling patients thoroughly about that specific risk. I also can see why a doctor may be hesitant to take a patient to surgery when there are other less permanent and more successful ways to prevent pregnancies in patients. The Nexplanon, an implant that is put in the arm, has a 0.05% risk of pregnancy, while female sterilization has a 0.5% risk - those aren't huge numbers, but one is a small in office procedure that can be reversed if you ever desire, and the other is a surgery that also comes with risks of anesthesia. I guess what I'm saying is that I have never had to make this decision because I'm not at that point in my career yet, but I know that there are other equally effective ways of prevent pregnancy that come with a decreased risk to you. I hope for you that your physician ran you through all of the options out there, and that you are able to go through with whatever method you and your husband decide on in the end, and that your doctors honor your wishes. 

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at home
  • This week, I had lunch with one of my readers who lives in the area I'm currently living in, and it was such a wonderful evening and just what I needed to get over those nights of sitting in my room by myself. You know how sometimes you just connect with someone and talk for hours and then wonder how it got to be so late? That's what our night was like. Thank you, Randee, for being so kind and funny and taking me out to dinner :)
  • I spent yesterday exploring DC with my girl Tierney - would a fun day we had! I stopped by the National Museum of American History to visit the First Ladies, we went to one of the oldest bar in the city, walked around Georgetown, and ended at a speakeasy. We had the perfect weather too - it was such a great day.
  • This is my last week of my last audition rotation! From here on out, I'll be living at home again, which I can not wait for. Unfortunately, CR now starts his last two months away, but luckily we have Thanksgiving to break up our time apart. I have two months of Emergency Medicine next - should be interesting to see what comes in!