Sunday, November 20, 2016

top three [11.20.2016]

pinning away - can't wait to try these healthier options!

  • I heard about a new pain medication, Prialt, this week on the podcast Tell Me Something I Don't's made from snail venom! Here's an interesting article from NPR about why this pain medication that is stronger than morphine is not yet widely used. 
  • This week I watched a video about a paramedical tattoo artist who uses her skills to help cover up the burn scars, often times being more successful than a plastic surgeon can be to fix the color changes that come with burns. 
  • In the 1970s, a group of children in Lyme, CT were all diagnosed with what was then considered juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. While what is now called Lyme Disease was not a new disease, it was the catalyst to start extensive research on it. 

on the internet

  • If I had a holiday party to go to this year, I would definitely want to wear this stunner of a dress - I love how the collar makes it extra special. 
  • Majorly crushing on this cowlneck sweater - I'll take one in caramel brown, please! ...and it's now 50% off! 
  • How cute is this crochet blouse? The back is the best part! 

ask my anything
  • I'm attending my boyfriend's family's Thanksgiving for the first time this year. Do you have any suggestions on what to wear? 
    • Yay, this is so exciting! This will be the third year I'm attending CR's family's Thanksgiving, so the process is pretty new to me too! My plan is to wear my comfiest stretchy pants (my ponte pants are a life saver during these bigger meals!) and I will more than likely wear this new plaid top I just got from Loft - it's loose, but flattering, and put together. You could also wear a cute oversized cardigan with a normal tee (just make sure it's not too low cut!). My other piece of advice is to also ask your bf if you will wear shoes in the house or not - at CR's grandparents house, everyone takes their shoes off, and I wore flats without socks to the dinner two years ago, and ended up being handed his grandpa's socks to wear! So stick a pair of (clean looking) socks in your purse just in case so you don't end up wearing his grandpa's old hospital socks like I did ;)
  • How/where do you store off season clothes or do you always store everything in your closet? I have such a small closet - help?! Would love a tour and report on what you store where, as you also seem to have a fair amount of clothes and shoes.
    • I actually keep about 95% of items in my closet - this is what my closet looks like! Because my closet space isn't that big, I fairly often go through my closet and get rid of anything I don't wear. I have one tupperwear container I keep under the guest bed (which is the in the room with this closet in it - our house has very small closets, so mine had to go in the guest room while CR kept the one in our bedroom). In that container I keep my heaviest sweaters during the summer months, and in the winter I keep my lightest summer dresses in it. Maybe now that I'm home, I'll do a new inventory post to see where I stack up compared to last year! 
  • Do you dry clean most of your clothing items, or have you found the pieces you choose to hold up well in the wash?
    • I very rarely buy anything that needs to be dry cleaned because it would honestly never happen - I'm just too lazy! Most items from stores like Loft and Ann Taylor and The Limited (where my beloved black pants are from) are not dry-clean only, which is why I stick with them! I know that if I had to be a bit more dressed up for work, I'd probably buy more dry clean only items, but since I wash my clothes all the time (hospital germs, ick), I stick with the items I can wash at home. 

on franish

notable sales

at home
  • I was in Lansing, MI this week for an interview, and met up with Whitney from Whitney a la Mode. She's pretty much the cutest - we have such a good time drinking wine, chatting about life, and laughing about how strange blogging can be at times ("I take pictures of myself...and put them on the internet!"). 
  • Speaking of Michigan, I'm currently all over the place! In the past week I have been in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin (with drives through Indiana and Illinois). Coming up in the next few weeks are trips up to New York twice, Michigan a few more times, and eastern Pennsylvania. Me and my car are best best friends :/
  • I am so excited for Thanksgiving - a holiday that's all about eating?! Hope you guys have a safe week and please send me snaps of all your amazing food ;)