Sunday, November 27, 2016

top three [11.27.2016]

my Black Friday purchases: plaid shirt (40% off) | shoes (50% off) | scarf (47% off)


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  • I am having the hardest time finding toppers that fall between a casual cardigan and a business formal blazer. Do you have any recommendations for a structured "third piece" that can help make outfits feel more complete, but aren't as stuffy as a suit jacket or blazer? I would love something versatile enough to pair with a tank top shell and pants/skirt for work, or over a dress.
  • I'm beginning my bar course soon in preparation to take the bar in February. How did you stay disciplined and on schedule when studying for boards? It's going to be a long 8 weeks of studying and I would appreciate any tips you have!
    • For me, it was all about having a schedule set up for every day. I knew exactly what I needed to get done each day - what pages I was going to read, what questions I was going to do, and what notes I was going to review. It kept me on track, it kept me motivated to check things off the list every day, and it kept my anxiety at bay because it can be really daunting to look at all you have to learn over that time period, but breaking it up into daily chunks makes it all seem so much more manageable. Other things that helped was making time most days to work out, cook real meals, and get good nights of sleep - you can't run on empty, and this is a time you really have to dedicate yourself to your studies! I also always had my little things that made the experience better - pandora one so I wouldn't have to listen to commercials, my noise canceling headphones to drown out my dogs, lots of bubble water, and my favorite pens!
  • My parents keep asking me what I want for Christmas, but I'm at that age where I don't really have any wishes! What are you asking for this year?
    • I'm struggling with that same issue this year! I think eventually you just get to that age when you just buy the things you want, instead of waiting for the holidays. On my wish list this year I have an Apple Watch keychain charger, a humidifier, and a nice candle. With our upcoming graduation, move, and wedding, we really aren't asking a lot from each other and our families. 

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  • We booked our wedding venue!!! I'm kind of shocked how quickly that happened. We knew what kind of venue we wanted (a barn) and where (upstate New York), so when we were up here for the long weekend, we looked at a few of the most popular one, found one that had basically everything we wanted, and just went for it! It's all going down June 2018 - it seems so far away, but then I look at everything we have to do until then, and it seems much closer than one would think. 
  • This weekend we ran our Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving - it was a little over four miles in the cold rain, but it was actually pretty fun! Plus it made me feel just a little bit better about all the stuffing I had later in the day. I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving as well!
  • If you have a second, I'd be so grateful if you could vote for me for the Everyday Style award. Thank you!!
  • PS: Happy Birthday, Mom!