Wednesday, November 16, 2016

everyday style

one (blouse) | two (blazer) | three (shoes) | four (sweater)
When I started my blog almost five years ago, the majority of bloggers were just everyday girls sharing their outfits they wore to work or to school. There weren't professional photographers, huge sponsorships, or people who blogged full time. I was really inspired by the girls who found a way to work on and share their style while living their busy lives. Over the years, blogging has definitely shifted more towards the professional side of things, and to be honest, sometimes I felt it was really hard to keep up with that. I work more than full time hours, my boyfriend or my tripod takes my pictures, and for many months of the year, I don't even live at home.

But you know, I'm proud that all these years later, the outfits I show on here are ones I've actually worn in my real life. I think the reason I've stuck with blogging and blogging about my "everyday style" through these busy years is because of you ladies and being inspired by the busy lives you lead.  I love connecting with you about the clothes you wear to school, to work, and to raise your babies. The discussions we have on my blog on a daily basis are my favorite thing about blogging.

ShopStyle has nominated me for the Best Everyday Style award and I'll be honest, I'm actually pretty honored. While it's "just" an internet award, it also motivates me to continue with this little hobby of mine. If you have just a few seconds, I'd love if you could vote for me here - all you have to do is click on the vote button, no signing up for anything!

 best everyday style