Wednesday, November 19, 2014

what to get a medical student for christmas

I've had a couple of people ask me about gift ideas for a medical student, so I used my new found collage making skills to round up a few things that I think would make great gifts for medical students. They range from the small and inexpensive to a few electronics that would make an amazing present under the Christmas tree. After debating for years, I'm finally asking for the headphones this year!

one: to keep your coffee hot
two: to share all your stolen books
three: to channel your inner walter white
four: to take all your best notes on
five: to keep your toes warm
six: to drown out the noise
seven: to save your neck muscles
eight: to keep those heating bills down

Other great gift ideas for students (of all levels!)

- Amazon gift cards (seriously, I've spent over $900 on books in the last 1.5 years)
- Starbucks gift cards (or just coffee)
- A massage gift certificate (studentitis is real, my friends)
- A gift card to a nicer local restaurant for a night out after an exam
- Pandora One (no advertisement distractions!)