Friday, November 14, 2014

tights tights baby

fit and flare dress layered over a white oxford

After trying to blog during last winters never ending snow storms, I tried this year to have just a little bit of back log of pictures before the snow hit...and boy did it hit yesterday. It went from absolutely no snow on Wednesday to over a foot of snow on Thursday. Yikes. 

I am not at all ready for snow and everything that comes with that - everything taking 5x as long to get to, twelve thousand layers just to take the dogs out, tights. I was going to stop at Target to restock my tights collection yesterday, as well as pick up a skirt slip to wear with cotton dresses like this, but after 45 minutes of driving to get 2 miles down the road, I gave up and went home.

So no tights yet, so if you have any suggestions for your "can't survive winter without" tights, please let me know because I generally stand in front of the tights section with no idea what to buy!

Dress: Old Navy [exact on sale - mine's a tall]
Shirt: Banana Republic [exact]
Belt: Everlane [exact]
Shoes: J.Crew Factory [exact on super sale]
Watch: Michael Kors [save | exact]
Nails: Essie [exact]
Earrings: eBay [similar]

^^ good bye snaggle tooth! Invisalign hopefully starts next week :)