Sunday, November 23, 2014

top three [11.23.2014]

how to wear a striped dress, old navy striped dress
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  • We started renal this week, and I'm already overwhelmed just thinking about how much responsibilities those little organs have! They regulate so much of what happens in our body, so I'm excited to see how everything we've learned up to this point is tied together by kidney function (and dysfunction).
  • Did you know that for the majority of kidney transplants they just leave the faulty kidney in the body? 
  • The doctor who I shadowed for several years, who made a huge difference in my professional life and desire to go into medicine, was obsessed with checking Vitamin D levels in his patients. Most of us, especially those in snowier (and colder and darker) areas of the country, aren't getting enough of it. This study on the effects of Vitamin D and cognitive decline back up his obsession (and my desire for more sunlight!).

Spotted: all about sweaters
  • A marled sweater with pockets?! Sign me up.
  • This fair isle cardigan is super similar to mine, and is currently 30% off (code: earlybird)
  • Abby pointed out this side zip sweater from Banana Republic and it's the one thing I really want to try on today. I love the black and white version, but the cream would look great layered. Decisions decisions!

On the Internet
  • Katrina looks drop dead gorgeous in these pictures. It's seriously not fair.
  • I want to wear everything Kimi owns, and then look that good in them too please.
  • Megan's instagram is one of my favorites - smart lady, adorable dog, and healthy eating makes me strive to be a bit better every day. 

On Franish

Pre-Black Friday Sales

  • The more review books I accumulate, the more I end up carrying to the library the week before an exam. I finally caved and got this Everlane backpack. This way I can carry all my books (and snacks!) and not ruin one of my nicer bags that I use for when I only have to bring my computer to school. 
  • With the 7+ feet of snow that came down on Buffalo this week, our secret date (that has been planned for months!) got cancelled. I was so disappointed because it was a really sweet idea. Instead, we're having a school free day on Tuesday that involves movies, baking, and hopefully a lot of napping. And pizza! #lovecheatday
  • Both my roommate and I have our families coming into town this week so it's going to get crrraaazzzzzy. Our apartment is going to be busting at the seams with the 10 of us in there. Everyone but my sister Viktoria is coming in and I'm so excited. The last time they were here was my white coat ceremony, so it'll be nice to show them around now that I actually have a feel for the city! I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving week - be on the look out for a few Black Friday posts coming your way. There's a big sale announcement you won't want to miss.