Wednesday, November 26, 2014

november budget

Dress: originally $80 + 40% off sale = $48
Boots: originally $220, on sale = $130
Blouse: originally $60 + 40% off sale = $36
Long-sleeve tee (not pictured): originally $40 + 40% + 10% off = $22
Altering of pencil skirt: $30

November Budget: $266

So I spent more this month than originally anticipated. A lot of that of course is due to the boot purchase, which I'm still in love with. I almost look forward to it snowing so I can wear them. They are still on sale for the price I paid for them if you are interested. I found them to run true to size (I usually wear a 9.5 and that's what I bought), and fit snug on my 15.5 inch calf. I decided to keep the Loft blouse after playing with it a bit more, but do plan on having my tailor take it in at the waist (it's a very easy fix that shouldn't cost much, I just don't own a sewing machine).

I did make several more purchases this month, but after taking them home, I've decided I'm returning them. When we drove to the outlets a few weeks ago, I bought this tan sweater and black cardigan at J.Crew Factory but when I got home, I was pretty "meh" about them. I felt like a giant bowl of oatmeal with that color of the sweater, and I found it gave me no shape at all. The cardigan is fine, but I think it may be an inch or two too long, so when I belt it at the waist (if I'm wearing a dress), it pulls and looks strange, so back it goes.

I also tried on this slight low-high turtleneck at Banana Republic and originally really liked it. I thought the higher front would be great for layering, the neckline was cozy and not restricting, and the color was a nice black/white marled pattern (it looks grey in the pictures here but the online picture is a better representation). Then I took it home and realized why I don't really own turtlenecks - they just aren't great on girls with a larger chest. I felt it just draws a ton of attention to my chest, and makes me look really bulky in the arms too. So while I'm glad I tried to branch out (slightly), it just wasn't going to be something I looked forward to wearing.
Banana Republic - Marled Merino Wool Turtleneck

With hopefully some great sales coming up in the next week, I do have my eye on just a few things. I'm hoping that BR has a 50% off everything sale, because there are 2 items I'd really like. First is this textured blanket scarf (the black and white version). It looks so warm and would be great for the many long days ahead at the library (which is always freezing). I would never spend the full price amount on it, but I could definitely do half! The other piece is the side-zip v-neck sweater. When I initially tried it on, I really like the black/white version (because I have a problem) but then convinced myself to get the turtleneck instead to try something new. Turns out, I should just stick with what I like ;) The cream color was alright, but I thought the zipper was very visible and bulky on it. It is currently a BR Pick, and those aren't always included in sales, so I'll just have to wait to see what happens on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. It is somewhat similar to the sweater I got from H&M though (although this BR one is darker), so I may hold off.

Banana Republic Side-Zip V-Neck Pullover

When I started documenting my budget, I did it because I needed a way to hold myself accountable to actually sticking to my budget. I've been documenting it for almost three years now, and I really believe that the only reason my closet isn't completely overflowing with items I don't like is because of it. I think it's only fair though to also tell you guys what I receive for free because I am a blogger. While I like that I'm seen as a budget-friendly blogger, I also want to be very transparent about what is going into my closet. This month was a pretty sponsor heavy month for me. I got to work with Nokia, who gave me a $200 gift card to go shopping with. I used it to buy a wool coat (which is currently on sale for almost half of what I got it for), a striped tee (seen here), and a sweater (seen here). I also was given the opportunity to work with Zappos - I picked out these Freebird boots, this pair of Paige jeans, and a Soft Joie sweater.

Enough about me though, how'd your budget work out this month? Did you save it all for the Black Friday deals, or get a little "winter clothes" happy like I did? Add your link below, and please remember to link back so your readers can discover other bloggers!