Wednesday, November 12, 2014

all about that [bag]

I don't buy a ton of bags - I just checked my budget posts, and the last time I bought a bag was in July 2013, and it was a Target bag I used for school during my first year. I tend to be pretty picky with bags (if they aren't for school - those get worn out fairly quickly) because I know they'll be my possession for a long time. I also don't have a lot of use for a ton of different bags since so much of my time is spent doing school thing. Outside of school bags, I only have my Madewell Transport Tote, and my vintage Coach crossbody that I found on Etsy (for a sixth of the cost of the current retail version!). 

I would like to add one smaller, well made bag to the collection though, and there's no better time than with my current collaboration with Shopbop (because like my girl Tierney said, if I want something long lasting, go for the bags). Shopbop has sooo many beautiful bags that it was hard to narrow down my choices, but here are my top six choices. Which one is your favorite?