Sunday, November 16, 2014

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In Medicine
  • Our second (and last) respiratory exam is tomorrow. I've relatively enjoyed this system, mostly because it's interesting how much our lungs deal with every day but don't get sick (or learning all the horrible things that can happen if your immune system fails). I was really upset after reading the pathology section on lung cancer though - so much death is preventable. Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer mortality in the world - and 87% happens in active smokers! In addition to killing the smoker, 3000 people a year die because of second hand smoke. It just blows my mind.
  • There's an infection that you can get in your lungs that causes a big ball of fungus to grow inside of a cavity caused by a previous infection. The fun term for that is "fungus ball". Yikes.
  • Will using your cell phone lead to brain cancer


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On Franish

  • After tomorrow, we won't have an exam until the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, so I'm using that time to be productive. I need to find someone to tweak a few things on my blog design (any recommendations?), I want to do a closet clean out, I need to prep my board study material, and most importantly, clean my entire house before my family comes the week of Thanksgiving!
  • This week we found out our schedules for 3rd year. I start out with family medicine (yay!) but then have two straight months of surgery (pray for me). Between that, and the endless talk of studying for boards (which we take at the end of May - it's basically the biggest test of our careers since how well we do on it determines what specialties we are competitive for), I'm ready for it to be June.
  • I'm being taken on a secret date on Friday, and I can.not.wait. All I've been told is to dress nice - I'm hoping the dress I ordered comes in time!