Sunday, November 30, 2014

top three [11.30.14]

Daniel Wellington watch
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  • Researchers are growing spinal cord cells using everyone's favorite protein, the Sonic Hedgehog protein (for real)
  • I didn't know that there was such a thing as a consumer psychologist, but hearing one of their thoughts on shopping is fascinating
  • During kidney development, they initially start in your pelvis and then migrate into your abdomen (there are actually a lot of structures that start in one place in your body and then move some where else - I find that so strange). In some rare cases, the kidney can get stuck in its ascent, and then the person has a pelvic kidney that can also be flattened - they call it a pancake kidney...which is also strange.

  • I wish I had a holiday party to go to, because I would 100% wear this dress to it. I think it would look a little out of place at our ugly sweater party we're having next week though :/
  • This blouse, on the other hand, would be perfect for both a holiday party (+ sparkly skirt + beautiful earrings) , and the rest of the year (+ skinny jeans + cognac accessories + a scarf). Want Want Want.
  • Don't forget that Shopbop's Black Friday deal is still on (15% off $250, 20% off $500, 25% off $1000) if you've had your eye on any large purchases. After weeks of deliberation, I finally ordered this Rebecca Minkoff bag. It came on Friday and I've been carrying it around with me ever since.
  • Bonus: Forever 21 restocked their version of the plaid oversized scarf - it's actually my favorite knock off version (and the cheapest!) but sold out quickly last time, so I would act fast if you are interested!

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On Franish

  • My family came into town on Wednesday and we had so much fun. We went out Wednesday night to celebrate my mom's birthday, hung out and watched movies on Thursday, had Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, and waffles Saturday morning. I'm glad they were able to come see me here, especially since I probably won't see them for another year :(
  • Did you find any great deals over Black Friday? I didn't buy anything for myself - I wanted to buy this scarf, but it's a BR Pick and therefore not included in any sales. I hate Banana Republic is tricky like that with all of their good items! Maybe it'll be included in a sale soon (fingers crossed for Cyber Monday!). I did cross two people off my present list though, which will make the days before Christmas a little easier ;) 
  • I didn't study for three straight days, and it was amazing. Back to the books though - we have 2 major exams this week, and then every week until Christmas. Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like renal and geriatrics, amiright?

Thankful for:
  • My supportive family, my caring friends, my adorable dogs, and my amazing boyfriend. I don't know what I would do without all of you!
  • My health - learning about what can go wrong with your body every day makes me appreciate my healthy body that much more.
  • All of you, for being my sounding board, my friends, and shopping buddies. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!