Saturday, November 29, 2014

ask me anything: life + blogging

This edition of Ask Me Anything covers life and blogging. I got a bit gabby, so if you don't want to listen to all 30 minutes, the questions and times are listed below. My dad even makes a surprise appearance!

0:35: What's the deal with your relationship? How'd you meet, how long have you been together, tell us the good stuff! He's really cute.

1:40: I know you have a new man in your life, but do you ever miss past relationships?

2:17: What's the best thing another blogger has taught you? And/or what one thing from medical school makes you a better blogger?

4:12: You're stranded somewhere remote, all on your own. What's the one piece of clothing/book/food you couldn't live without?

4:35: You always have great hair. How do you convince yourself to get out of bed early to do your hair and makeup? I have good intentions, but usually show up for work with meh hair and maybe some mascara slapped on.

6:24: I love that you manage time between med school and blogging AND living a good life ... My question is that how do u make time or more importantly how do u manage time with everything? Schedules, to do lists?

7:09: Which other style blogs do you most relate to?

7:50: What has been your best blogging resource to help grow your blog to the big 2-mil?

8:42: How do you create that balance between talking fashion and yet sharing a bit about your life? How do you decide what is worth sharing? I never know what to say in my posts because I don't do anything all that interesting!

10:27: I noticed on your IG that you have been hash tagging "cheat days." is this a diet/health plan?
      (post about my experiences with the 4 hour body here)

12:08: What does it really take to start a blog? I just can't seem to find my niche and am totally discouraged because I have no followers, and not into asking friends to follow because I don't think they'll "get it". I am shy about letting people who know me read my stuff, but I want to be part of the blogger community. Any suggestions?

14:05: I first found your blog through GOMI (in the SOMI forum!) and you quickly became one of my favourite reads. I know you participate over there and you seem to have a really great attitude towards blogging. I wondered if you ever get any tension from other bloggers over your open participation in and liking for GOMI given all the 'fat, jealous, haters', narrative about GOMI we see on some other blogs?

17:00: I am a German girl living in Boston, and love your blog and your style! Please tell us more about your family life, how you all stay in touch, trips to Germany, and so forth. Are there any quirky family traditions you guys do, anything funny/weird?

19:07: How do you deal with negative blog or social media comments?

20:30: What's the best place you have ever been to?

21:00: Does your friend Lizzi actually pull off wearing lululemon Wunder Under crops as pants? I'm skeptical...

21:14: What are your favorite self-care practices for when you are really stressed out? You are in medical school, after all.

22:22: What does your family think of your blog?

23:19: Where does most of your fashion inspiration come from?

23:50: How much time do you spend you reading other blogs? How much time do you spend on your own blog?

25:11: What's your favorite kind of beer?

25:37: I've always been the type of person who has hated her body and has been on a diet since she was 5. You seem to really love and embrace your body. Have you always been like that or is that something you have had to work towards?

26:53: Do you want kids in the future?

27:04: How many siblings do you have and how old are they?

27:35: What are your favorite tv shows?

28:08: How did you initially grow a following on your blog? Tips/methods to share?

P.S. My shirt is from Loft (currently 40% off), my watch is c/o Daniel Wellington (use code holiday_franish for 15% off!), my nails are Essie, and my earrings are from eBay.