Sunday, December 4, 2016

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I just really love my: cognac boots (one | two | three)

  • Osteopetrosis, which literally means "stone bone", is when there is imbalance between bone formation and bone resorption. The bones become thicker and denser, and are more likely to break and dissolve because the structure of the bones isn't normal. 
  • Melorheostosis is another abnormal bone disease that has a characteristic "dripping wax" appearance on x-ray
  • Those of you with babies know this already, but babies are born with reflexes that they eventually outgrow, like the root reflex and startle reflex. Some of these primitive reflexes can reappear later in life, usually due to trauma or dementia.

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  • I have a deep seeded love for riding boots, so of course I'm majorly in love with Coach's classic pair that comes in three colors (and that is now 40% off!).
  • Y'all know I LOVE these types of knit sweaters - that cream color is calling my name!
  • I'm unsure of exactly how flattering this Free People sweater would be, but it looks so comfortable that I can almost forgive that major drop shoulder action going on there. 

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  • I'm looking to get an undereye cream and also need suggestions on a night time skin routine. I'm very lazy at the end of the night after working full time and then running after two kids when I get home but lately I've noticed my skin taking a toll. So I need to do something about it! 
    • Number one is always removing your make-up, and I totally get it - it can be annoying to sit there and wipe away at your make up when all you want to do is fall into bed. My favorite product to use during that time is Glossier's facewash - it gets rid of all your make up (including stubborn eye make-up), feels awesome, and lasts forever. Next step is to use a product that will tackle a lot of issues at once, and for that, a retinol is perfect. You can go with the stronger prescription creams (you'll need to see a dermatologist for that, although PCPs can definitely prescribe this as well), but there are many over the counter products that aren't as strong but definitely still have a lot of benefits - you guys know I'm a huge fan of Paula's Choice products, so this may be a good place to start. Finish off with your favorite moisturizer (I go between Clinique's heavy duty version and Belif's). I personally always want to use an eye cream, but always find myself just too lazy. If you are looking for one to start using though, I like CeraVe's - it feels nice, and is inexpensive! Like any routine, you have to find something you'll stick with, so making it as easy as possible means you're more likely to stick to it. 
  • Help! Any recommendations for holiday cocktail dresses for an office party? Sleeves are a bonus. 
    • Sleeves are definitely one of my personal requirements during the colder months of the year, so I'm alllll about sleeves. The one that's been on my list is actually the most inexpensive on the list, and is from Old Navy! It comes in both black (pair it with lots of gold for a glowy look) or pair the white version with red for a really festive feel. The most expensive of the bunch is one I just had to include because it is so freaking gorgeous - it's this dress from Ted Baker that's so pricy, but seriously...gorgeous. Ugh, I just love it! A nice price middle point is Topshop's geometric dress that would be great for the holiday season (pair it with a pretty red lip!) but can definitely be worn year round with other accessories. If you're looking to go a bit trendier, bell sleeves are still all the rage this year!
  • You've been traveling all over the place according to snapchat! As a third year medical student, is there anything you've been using for your trips that you recommend I ask for for Christmas this year?
    • Ooooh, great question, and one I was partially going to tackle in my upcoming medical student gift guide (here are the previous versions for pre-clinical years and clinical years). Probably one of the best things I've received is this personal organizer that CR got me - between living in dorm rooms, crashing in friend's houses, and traveling all over the country for interviews, I don't think I've used any one item as much as this one! If you don't own any good luggage, this may be a good time to finally ask for a nice suitcase. I personally have a carry on suitcase from Delsey that I'm obsessed with - it's pricey (although currently so much cheaper than what I paid for it!) but I know that I will use it for literally decades. Other ideas that aren't as fun include an iPass/Easy pass if you don't have one, Audible credits, and a Pandora One account. 

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  • on the blog: the beginning stages of wedding planning!
  • on the instagram: the faux trees just don't compare!
  • what you missed on snapchat (@fhasselhof): a peak at what came in my Popsugar #MustHaveBox that they sent me! Want to try one of your own? Use code SHOP5 to take $5 off your first box!

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  • This week was a crazy one, but ended up being really great too. Now that I'm getting closer to the end of interview season, I'm sad that this exciting time is almost over, but also looking forward to spending less time alone in my car, and more time with friends at home. One more week until CR officially only lives an hour away instead of five! That means we finally get weekends together back too! Brunch, here we come!
  • How is your Christmas shopping going? I haven't purchased a single thing for anyone - really hoping that I get some of that done this week! Thankfully some of these places know how much we are procrastinating, and continue to have some great sales on gifts. 
  • With an upcoming trip to the Philadelphia area for an interview, I'm hoping to go to my first Fly Wheel class - I'm nervous, but also so excited! I've heard amazing things about these 45 minute power house cycling classes.