Thursday, December 15, 2016

gift guide for medical students

It's time for my favorite gift guide this year - the medical student gift guide! I have done one of these the past few years (here and here), and while in the past I made ones for the part of school I was in, I tried to be a bit more all inclusive of all medical students (although this year's version does include a few more things that future fourth year students will use a ton). Some are practical and some are more fun!

ONE || Joyce recommended this, and I love them! You can personalize the little figure and put their future doctor title on it. I may have already ordered a few as gifts for friends, but had to get one for myself too ;)
TWO || Vera the Uterus is my little white coat side kick, and I am obsessed with her. Get one for the future uterus/heart/kidney specialist. I've given several of these away, to other students, people who just matched, and even a few of my favorite attendings!
THREE || CR got me this, and I have used it every day for the past six months. Between living in dorm rooms with shared bathrooms and traveling for interviews, this will get a ton of use!
FOUR || and I got this for CR - any upcoming fourth year will definitely need a way to transport their interview suits!
FIVE || for the student who lives somewhere cold and wants to be comfy & warm while studying (I love mine!)
SIX || the alternative to those stiff white coats - they'll live in it all winter long (and those heavily AC-ed summers). 
SEVEN || I've used mine almost every day of my clinical rotations. It folds up to fit in white coat pockets! You can also get it stamped with a name - I got one of these for my sister last Christmas.
EIGHT || for your future favorite obgyn or midwife (I love this one!)
NINE || a name tag for stethoscopes - love the leather versus the other plastic versions out there
TEN || either for long study sessions or for lots of flight travel, any student will get a ton of use out of a pair of noise canceling headphones. 
ELEVEN || my favorite USB stick - makes for a great stocking stuffer too!
TWELVE || just found this print the other. I plan on getting CR one some day for his future office!
THIRTEEN || keeps drinks cold for an entire day - I have one, and ice cubes stay solid for 24 hours! Get it monogrammed to keep it separate from all the others found in hospital. 

Other items that aren't as fun to buy but just as practical:
  • Starbucks gift card
  • An iPass/Easy Pass - I drove to all my interviews this year, and using my iPass has saved me so much time! 
  • Pandora One (gets rid of distracting commercials!)
  • A massage gift card
  • A cleaning service that comes once a month
  • Amazon prime + gift card