Tuesday, December 20, 2016

my favorite products from the drug store

Over the years, I've definitely started the lean towards using more expensive make-up and skin care products, but there are still a ton of items I will only purchase from the drug store or Target. Below are my ten staples, ones where I don't even like the more expensive versions. I'd love to hear more about what your favorite drug store staples are!

ONE // After trying dozens of lotions, this is the only one I've found that really helps with dry winter skin. I buy the giant bottle, and it lasts for everrrrrr
TWO // I use this about once a week, focusing on the rougher patches. I love the smell!
THREE // My favorite shampoo. Even though it doesn't have sulfates, it lathers really well. Plus some versions smell like rosemary, which is a bonus if you love the Aveda shampoo smell but hate the price.
FOUR // Growing up in a German household, this was our magic cream. Dry face? Use it. Bad cuticles? This will help. Rough elbows? Use it every night. It's magic. 
FIVE // I'm very lazy when it comes to shaving (one of the few benefits of being a blondie!), but this makes it easy and quick. It's just so much easier than messing with shaving creams and so on.
SIX // One of the staples in my purse - I've been using the same stick since first year of med school. A necessity, especially when you're breaking in new shoes. You just rub it on the parts of your foot that rub your shoes the wrong way, and it prevents your shoes from tearing up your feet. It's seriously a life saver.
SEVEN // My absolute favorite nail polishes are from Essie, both the original formula and now the gel formulas. Their color section is vast, the formula stays forever, and for $8 a bottle, I think the formula is very comparable, if not better, than the $20 bottles.
EIGHT // I've been using this since high school, and leaves your hair moisturized and bouncy without weighing it down. Bonus is that it's super cheap (and smells amazing). 
NINE // I've been obsessed with this for years, and it's the only drug store lip balm I'll use. It actually relieves your lips of being dry and cracked rather than just putting a waxy surface on top of your lips - highly recommend this, I keep one in my car, purse, and bedside table!
TEN // My favorite multi-purpose item! I use it mostly in my shoes when I wear flats because it prevents your feet from sweating and making yours shoes sticky and smelly. I also use this when I travel as a dry shampoo (a trick I learned from Bri!), and it works very well for that purpose too. I buy the little bottles (usually only a dollar) as they travel and handle easier.