Sunday, December 11, 2016

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a sparkly necklace for all the seasons!


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  • Do you have any suggestions on what to wear to a white coat ceremony? I have a number of tattoos on my right upper arm, so I'm always looking for three-quarter sleeve length dresses. I'm open to patterns and color since the white coat is, well, white. I'm also hoping to get double duty out of this dress to wear during rotations when the time comes.
  • Please link where you got all your ornaments asap! I gotta order some custom ones!
  • What type/brand of hangers do you use? I'm looking to makeover my closet!
    • I actually won 100 hangers from years ago, on Alterations Needed! I like that I'm limited to 100 hangers - it causes me to constantly evaluate what I'm keeping and adding to my closet. I also feel like I can see my clothes a bit better than if I used thinner hangers. Since my closet is fairly small, it would almost make more sense to have the thinner ones, but this has worked well for me for the past four years!

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  • I'm half done with my emergency medicine rotation blocks, and I've honestly really enjoyed it so far! I can definitely see the appeal of this speciality, and I like the idea of practicing in all realms of medicine, but I'm definitely most excited with any ObGyn cases come in, so I know that's still the right place for me! Working in an area with a lot of Amish communities has also brought in a ton of interesting pathologies that I don't think you'd see elsewhere. 
  • CR and I are on the last month of living apart, but now he will only be an hour away from me, so we can get middle of the week dinners, and he'll be home on the weekends again. We are getting so close to being done with this - we've been living apart since June!
  • We are all geared up for the holidays around here, in our own little ways. CR put up our outside lights yesterday (my favorite - icicle lights!), our little fake Christmas tree has our few personalized ornaments on it, and I may have purchased a holiday pillow too (it's so cute!). I think next weekend we are going to make cookies from scratch - any one have any recipes they'd like to share?!