Sunday, December 25, 2016

top three [12.25.2016]

getting a little pin happy over here ;)

  • Christmas disease, now more known as Hemophilia B, is a blood clotting disorder. Interestingly, it was named Christmas disease after the first patient described with the disease rather than named after the doctor who discovered it. 
  • Holiday heart is when a patient who has consumed a large amount of alcohol (usually around the holidays) has a dysrhythmic episode. 
  • Pityriasis rosea is a type of skin rash that begins with a "herald patch" that often looks like a Christmas tree

on the internet

  • I've never been one for big NYE events, I've always enjoyed small get togethers with friends and family...but if I had some glitzy party to go to, I'd 100% wear this faux wrap sequin dress. It's amazing, right?! I bet it would be so fun to wear. 
  • My favorite shoes right now are definitely driving moccasins, and Cole Haan's are definitely at the top of my list. I think the navy colored ones are my favorite! 
  • Has anyone tried on this toggle front cardigan yet? It looks so darn comfortable, and a little bit more unique than my other cardigans. 

on franish

at home
  • I mentioned last week that Baer wasn't feeling too well, and on Wednesday after he threw up again, we went to the emergency vet clinic. After some tests and medications, he is now seemingly on the mend. Lots of chicken broth rice is helping too ;)
  • My family is meeting in Miami in a few weeks to celebrate my youngest sister's 21st birthday - anyone have any recommendations for things to see/ places to eat / beaches to lay on? 
  • Merry Christmas, you guys! I hope everyone got to spend time with your loved ones, got to eat some delicious food (we are having cheesy potatoes today and I can hardly wait), and are enjoying the holiday season!