Friday, March 29, 2013

5D5W: Casual Friday

I think this may be one of my most favorite outfits I've ever worn. I was trying to figure out why that is exactly. Some theories:

+ I just feel best in these jeans. I think bootcut really just looks best on me. I haven't had any luck finding a second pair on eBay yet, but I continue to be hopeful that a pair will come my way eventually. I still will not pay full price for them because once school starts I won't be wearing jeans much, but some days I'm tempted. Some one hold me back.

+ This blazer rivals my schoolboy blazer for most worn top. I love the neutral color, the fit, and the elbow patches. The blazer is from H&M which has always been kinder to me than Forever 21. I may have to see if they have anything similar April (side note: budgeting bloggers goes up tomorrow! eek.)

+ My new soft striped tee. This outfit was inspired by Chioma - I don't think I would have paired stripes and plaid like this on my own, but it works. right? yes. stripes + plaid = win

+ Cognac on cognac - my closet neutral color

Okay so I may not have a concrete answer...but I really did like wearing this.

Blazer: H&M  [similar]
Tee: Tahari via TJ Maxx
Jeans: Joe's Jeans [same style]
Belt: H&M Mens
Shoes: Crown Vintage [similar]
Watch: Kate Spade [exact]
Bracelet: "J.Crew" via eBay [similar for less than $20]
Nails: Essie Fifth Avenue

Today is the last day for the 5 Day 5 Way link up I put together with my good friend Whitney. It brought such a smile to my face going to all of your blog posts and see you guys commenting, encouraging each other, offering advice, and just connecting in general. I love blogging because of my new found group of friends - you guys honestly bring so much joy into my life with every comment, email, and tweet. I hope this little challenge brought new readers, followers, and friends into your lives. Can we do this again soon? Maybe a end of spring 5 Day 5 Way Challenge? Please say yes.

Now onto the challenge - Casual Friday. Every day of the week is "Casual" for me - I could wear jeans and sweatshirts every single day. I make the effort to look just a little bit more pulled together than that (mostly so I can blog about it, amiright?). Here are 5 of my favorite "casual" looks from the past couple months. Jeans, flats, layers - doesn't get a lot more "work appropriate" casual than that! Go check out everyone else's definition of Casual Friday over on Along the Lines of Style....and thank you again for reading / participating / bringing joy into my life. You are all great :)

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