Monday, March 11, 2013

on trends

double denim + stripes
Looking at fashion from previous decades, it's easy to nail down certain time periods.

+ Full skirts, pulled in waists, perfectly coiffed hair? 50's.

+ Flowing skirts, hippie jewelry, long straight hair? 70's.

+ Neon, shoulder pads, big hair? 80s/early 90s.

They say because our decade (the 20teens? the 2010s? what do we call it?) lives and breathes fast fashion that our "style" will be harder to nail down. I always thought that since what we do nowadays is a lot more natural (more neutrals, no crazy clothing pieces or hair styles) that we will be considered pretty timeless but I probably only think that because that's what we're living right now and maybe everyone in 1994 thought the same thing (although please, I disagree - this is not cute).

stripes + denim
I was thinking about current trends - chambray, print mixing, neon (which I'm still refusing to participate in), skinny jeans - and I wonder if we'll look back at our blogs/yearbooks/facebooks/family photo albums and wonder what in the world we were ever thinking. Are we going to have to explain to our children that mixing stripes and florals (or ya know, plaids because Wisconsin is still firmly in winter) was the cool thing to do in 2013 and it was totally on trend? That wearing a denim shirt with denim pants was completely socially acceptable and not just in Canada (I kid!)? That neon made a resurgence and we (you...) welcomed it back with open arms?

What do you think - are there any trends you think we'll regret or is what we are wearing now timeless and not year-definable?

Denim, Stripes, Plaid

stripes and plaid
Shirt: Gap  [exact on sale]
Chambray: Old Navy  [exact]
Jeans: American Eagle  [exact]
Scarf: DIY
Boots: Steve Madden
Watch: Fossil  [similar]
Rings: Galisfly

thin metal rings
On a side note, with daylights savings time I now have to take pictures after work again, which means there is more traffic. I take pictures on a little side road, but three cars specifically drove over to me to see if I need help - apparently a girl standing behind her car while it's snowing is a girl in need. That's what you get for living in the Midwest. Here's my reaction after I heard the third car pulling up to me. I just politely declined their help as they awkwardly stared at me and my tripod trunk. That things I do for you...