Tuesday, March 12, 2013

chance of flurries

oh hey! surprise! it's still snowing here in Wisconsin. I know that if you read any fashion blogs at all you would think that spring has sprung, that the birds are chirping, and that flowers everywhere are blooming.

not here.

don't worry, we're used to having flash blizzards in May so a few flurries in March is fine...

...except when you try to take pictures of yourself outside.


Blazer: H&M  [similar]
Tee: Forever 21  [exact]
Jeans: Joe's Jeans  [same style]
Scarf: H&M
Shoes: Crown Vintage [save | splurge]
Purse: Madewell  [exact]
Watch: Target [check in stores]
Glasses: c/o Firmoo*

*I received this pair of glasses from Firmoo last week and I've really enjoyed having a second pair to rotate with my other glasses. I really like the color and style of frames available - I had a pretty hard time deciding which frames to get so I choose to get something similar to what I already works on my face. The glasses are great - my only hesitation with ordering glasses online is that no one fits them specifically to your head like they would at the optometrists. If you are interested in trying out a pair, Firmoo offers first time customers a free pair - you can find out more here.


Also. The nice thing about documenting what I wear every day (ok, most days) is that I can go back and see how I've worn items in the past. I went to go see how I've worn this blazer and I realized that the second to last time I wore it was the day after I found out I was rejected from my #1 school choice. Today when I wore it I turned in my notice for my last day of work for when I leave to go to my #2 choice. Kind of interesting, no? No? Fine.

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