Saturday, March 9, 2013



Sam tagged me for the "5 Things" going around so I'm nothing if not a follower (baahhhh) so....

1. Chris and I will be celebrating our 5 year dating anniversary next month. He's been my guy, my best friend (barf, right?) for a long time, so I'm terrified what will happen when I move 10 hours away. We are currently doing long distance anyway because of his away rotations, but he's never more than 3 hours away, and I have all the time in the world right now so we do see each other every 2 weeks. I wish that our lives were simpler - graduate college, get jobs, get married, have babies - but we have chosen to live the more complicated life. I pray that we can make it work.  (The picture above is us about one month into dating. Look at those baby faces!)

2. Speaking of school, I am terrified. I'm scared that I won't be able to handle it, I'm scared that I won't like my classmates, I'm scared that someone else's life will be in my hands some day. It's terrifying but also exciting.

3. I've never been too happy with my body but have grown to accept it for what I have. I've always been pretty active - I ran cross country, I danced, I was in the marching band, I've ran a half marathon, but I also like to eat so it is what it is. Am I jealous of those lithe twig like girls who eat whatever they want and have never ran more than a mile, but these are the cards I was dealt so I will play them accordingly.

4. I was a camp counselor for the first two summers of college. They were the most fun I've ever ever had. 

5. My family is originally from Germany - we moved to the States when I was 5. My parents sent me and my sister Viktoria to kindergarten (or pre-school or whatever) with neither of us knowing a lick of English. I remember crying because I couldn't communicate with anyone. We eventually learned English by watching Barney. Nowadays, even though I can speak German, I pretty much choose not to. My parents speak German to me and I respond in English - people always find that so amusing, but that's just how we communicate!

Your turn! What random 5 things would you like to share?