Saturday, February 11, 2017

healthyish, vol. 7

This week we mostly went back to normal life, which means getting back into regular eating and exercising (well, at least more normal than last week!). I started a new rotation, so it was all about meal prepping and bringing enough snacks for the day so I don't lose it on my way home and make a pit stop for cheeseburgers (which lets be honest, has definitely happened). I also stuck to my goal of only drinking water, which was surprisingly harder than I thought! I don't drink much alcohol anyway, or really any juice or milk,  so it wasn't that, but more just wanting a latte or diet coke throughout the week - I had real cravings! I never realized how reliant I am on those drinks until I very purposely didn't drink anything but water. I don't intend to do that all the time, but maybe once a month it could be a good habit to get in to!


Sunday: 45 minutes/ 150 flights on the stair master (a new calorie PR for the stair climber!)
Monday: 1 hour spin
Wednesday: 1 hour spin
Thursday: 1 hour spin
Saturday: 45 minutes Flywheel


I was definitely more on track this week with the diet, besides two meals that weren't exactly on the plan. On Sunday we watched the Super Bowl with our friends, so of course we indulged a little, although I tried to eat mostly just the cowboy caviar that I made. On Tuesday, we took my sister to this speciality hot dog place for her last meal with us, so I had a delicious hot dog and a side of mac and cheese. Other than that, meals were on track! For breakfast I had either omelettes or banana peanut butter shakes. For lunch, I made chicken sausages with a side of squash and zucchini. Dinners were BBQ chicken lettuce wraps when we were in Cleveland (so proud I made myself switch out the tortillas), a Chipotle burrito bowl, and homemade vegetarian chili. Snacks included hard boiled eggs (on the days I didn't have eggs in the morning), hippeas, and an apple with peanut butter.


Last week's goals:
    - Drink only water this week: done! Harder than I thought, but did it!
    - Pack a lunch + snacks for every work day: mostly done - we got a drug rep lunch on Thursday, but I got a salad so I'll let it slide
    - Work out four times: five times! 💪

This week's goals:
    - Do one weight lifting work out
    - Try a new recipe for lunches
    - Stay away from the discounted chocolate aisle


I'm in Atlanta visiting my best friend as she does a rotation with the CDC, so I'm sure we'll find a treat or two ;)

weigh in: +1.4 lbs (-4.4 total)

When I first weighed myself, I was initially disappointed. Then I remembered that a week ago, we basically ate our way through Montreal. So if I had weighed myself last Saturday, I bet you have lost weight from that point, rather than it looking like I gained that weight in this week of exercising and eating well. So I'm slightly up from two weeks ago, but I know that in another week, we'll be back on our way down! I actually felt a litle thinner this week, so even though the scale isn't showing it, I feel better already!