Saturday, February 25, 2017

healthyish, vol. 9

This week, I've been thinking a lot about goals. I have never been one to really make a lot of them, so having three weekly goals every week to try to achieve has been a new thing for me, but one that's really been working out well. Since one of my goals from last week was to achieve a new PR in spin class, I went into Wednesday's class really motivated to achieve it. From the first song, I tried to have a higher resistance and spin faster because I really wanted to get there, and was so proud when I did! Luckily our instructor was in a ball busting mood and had a really tough profile planned anyway, but it felt really rewarding to achieve that goal. It's been nice to set new little goals every week, ones that make me either work harder or do something outside of my day to day comfort zone. It's because of that and you guys that I'm now into this 9 weeks because otherwise, I would have probably given up after week 2. and 3. and every week since then ;)

Sunday: Pure Barre platform (so fun!)
Monday: 1 hour spin class
Tuesday: 1 hour spin class
Wednesday: 1 hour spin class (with a new PR!)
Saturday: 1 hour spin class

This week I rediscovered my love for turkey bacon, and made it for every breakfast (except Wednesday when we had an early OR day again, and got a Power Sandwich instead). Snacks this week included grapes, bananas, and these amazing habanero bbq almonds. For lunch I made bang bang shrimp with broccoli and fried cauliflower rice - this was SO good! I'm going to remake it this week but with chicken instead. For dinners we had chicken sausage with homemade sweet potato fries (just cut up sweet potatoes, tossed in olive oil and salt, and baked for ~25 minutes). We also tried Green Giant's mashed cauliflower, and I have to say, this was not my favorite. I love their vegetable tots and vegetable rice (that's what I used to make the fried rice for lunch), but this was just really soupy and garlicy and just not that great. 


Last week's goals: 
  • Go to 1 Pure Barre class: done! Went to a platform class on Sunday
  • Hit a new PR for calories burned at spin: done!! 
  • Make a new recipe with cauliflower rice: done!  

Next week's goals:
  • Make these mini egg frittata muffins for snacks
  • Hit 20 works outs in February (I did 17 in January and want to beat it!)
  • Don't step on the scale until Friday

We are watching the Oscars with our friends tomorrow, and making cheese and chocolate fondue. It's going to be amazing.

weigh in: -2.2 lbs (total: - 9.0 lbs)

On Thursday, I felt I had been doing really well all week, and wanted to see how I was doing. I was so excited to see that I was officially down 9 pounds! The problem was, I got super PMSy that day, and because I had already weighed myself and knew I was doing well, I kind of didn't do as well with the last few days as I should have. Instead, I got chocolate during my lunch break, and made not the smartest decisions for meals later on. I definitely don't regret any of those things (because they were so good!) but I think weighing myself and then feeling that those  last days didn't count towards this process wasn't the best. So that's why my goal is to not weigh myself until Friday. It keeps me motivated the whole week instead of letting up early because I had a good weigh in earlier. I'm really hoping to hit 10 lbs so I can treat myself to that new sports bra and possibly these pretty new pants too. I'm a bit sick of doing laundry every few days just because I ran out of pants!