Sunday, February 5, 2017

top three [02.05.2017]

montreal post coming soon!

on the internet
  • Are you an adult that doesn't know how to find new friends? Same. Jamie has a bunch of tips on how to make friends as an adult. 
  • Joyce shares her top K-beauty picks (and as a dermatology resident, I always trust what she has to say!)
  • Are you a blogger? Then you need to go read this post

  • After another pair of booties didn't look right on me (this time it was this pair from Sam Edelman), I've decided maybe booties just aren't going to work for me...but maybe a Chelsea boot will? I'm going to order Louise et Cie's version - I just really want a pair of shoes I can wear in the winter with socks but aren't full riding boots! Why is this so hard? 
  • YOU GUYS. Canvas transport totes are here!!! And they are amazing. I want the olive color and I want it monogrammed. OMG. 
  • Y'all know I'm a huge Express cami fan...but I recently tried out these seamless tanks, and may be converted! It just has a way of sucking everything in for you, but not making you feel super constricted like other shape wear. If you try them for yourself, I suggest sizing up. An x-large fits me very well.

  • I'm about to start my 3rd year of medical school (well, really just about to start Step studying, but dreaming about starting 3rd year!). Do you have any good suggestions for healthy snacks to keep in white coat pockets? I'm allergic to nuts and it has been hard to find granola/power bars that I can eat so far.
    • That is a tough situation, since you're right, so many granola bars have nuts in them! One of the snacks I have a lot is turkey sticks - you can fit 4 of them in a snack zip lock bag, which takes up as much room as a granola bar. For bars themselves, I really like Quest bars, and most flavors don't have nuts in them (I like the cookies and cream and cookie dough! Dried fruit and fruit leather are also two options you can keep in your white coat pocket. Plus there's everyone's go-to snack at the hospital - those mini packages of graham crackers ;)
  • If you had to pick you favorite pullover/sweater/fleece would you choose the Patagonia Better Sweater or LL Bean Pullover? Both look so cozy!
    • That is so mean to make me choose!! I guess it really depends on what I'm doing - I prefer my LL Bean Pullover for when I'm at home or out for the day, but I like my Patagonia sweater more for work because it's a full zip. I can't even choose - they are both amazing! 
  • I'm looking to try a new face cleanser - which one do you currently use and would you recommend it? 
    • I've been using the Paula's Choice cleanser for a few years now, and am still a big fan. It's gentle, it cleans your skin, and my skin improved greatly since using it. I don't think a cleanser makes as much of a difference as other skin care products, but I'm very happy with this it's cheap and one bottle lasts forever. 

on franish

notable sales
  • Express: 30% off all dresses (just in time for Valentine's Day!)
    • I was actually surprised how pretty this ruffled dress is - I would never have guessed it was from Express based on how ladylike it is!
    • An off the shoulder jumpsuit is the perfect outfit for a Galentine's Day dinner!
    • A shirt dress keeps it casual while the color still celebrates "the holiday". 
  • J.Crew Factory: 40% off everything
    • I have the inverse of this dress (see it here) and also kind of need this version too. So freaking cute (my warning: it fits on the shorter side, so this may be just a weekend dress for some of you!).
    • The pattern on this sweater is adorable - it would go with everything!
    • Did you know that JCF now has athletic wear? I didn't! Their reversible hoodie is too cute. 

at home
  • Like I mentioned previously, my sister is here for the weekend! She had an interview last week, and is staying with us until Tuesday. My sister has actually never seen where I have lived for the past three years, and Thursday was the first time she and CR met! Kind of crazy, but also what happens when your family lives all over the place!
  • We went to Cleveland yesterday for the day - we visited the West Side Market, went to a few parks (mostly for the photo ops), saw Hidden Figures (so so good), and met up with CR's buddy for dinner. It was such a fun afternoon!
  • Vacation is officially over! Tomorrow I start my next rotation - I'll be with a private ObGyn attending for the next month, and I am so excited! It'll be fun to see this side of ObGyn, as I've never worked with just one attending for a whole month. I'm very excited :)
ps. happy birthday caitlin!!! xoxo