Monday, January 30, 2017

january budget

Madewell top: originally $110, on sale for $100
Caslon sweater: originally $70, on sale for $50
Limited pants: $40 + $25 for tailoring 

January budget: $245

Quarterly budget: $500 - $100 in November - $155 in December + $245 in January

Another quarter of budgeting down! I knew I had a bit of room left in my budget when I went down to Miami, so when I tried on this flowy top at Madewell, I went with it. I love it, and wore it the whole weekend. It probably wasn't the most thought through purchase I've ever made for the amount spent, but it's my little souvenir from the weekend. In a more practical purchase, my pants I ordered from The Limited finally showed up (a month later), and I went to take the first pair to get tailored last week. I'm excited to finally have a new pair of my favorite work pants (especially since The Limited is officially closed, both in stores and online). This month I also purchased two sweaters, kind of by accident that they are both grey. I love them for different reasons - the BP sweater is perfect for layering and throwing on for travel (which I did last week), while the cowl neck sweater is definitely a bit more fun but so comfy and warm. 

Waiting for me at home is this ruffled bib blouse as well as that pretty lace top, both from Loft. I'll be sure to do a review, and if I keep either, I'll include them in next month's budget!

Keeping it short today, so if you are sharing your budget post this month with us, I'm so excited you are here, and I can't wait to hear all about it!