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  • A hemiplegic migraine is a subtype of migraine that manifests itself as a migraine plus paralysis of one side of the body. The symptoms are very similar to a stroke, which makes it frightening experience both for the patient and for the doctor treating them. 
  • During CPR, one of the ways to know if you are giving compressions at the right speed is to sing "Staying Alive" in your head with compressions. This week was the first time I had to give compressions to an actual patient, and I did this just to make sure I was doing it correctly. 
  • This week I learned that children between the ages of 6 months and 8 years who are receiving the flu shot for the first time actually have to receive two shots. The CDC says that is so that the first shot "primes" the immune system, and that the second shot actually provides the immune protection. 

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  • I'm searching for a warm, cozy pullover sweater (no hood, and preferably no extra long sleeves with the thumbholes) to wear with jeans, yoga pants, etc. Any suggestions?
  • Can you talk about the engagement ring process? Did CR surprise you completely, or had you both picked out the ring? Where did he get it?
    • CR and I had discussed rings previously, so he knew what kind of look I preferred. I really wanted something very classic - there are a lot of styles that are very current and popular that I also like, but knew that I would prefer something timeless. One of our very good med school friend's dad actually works in the jewelry business, so she offered to connect CR with her dad. So CR ended up working with someone directly instead of going through a jewelry store. CR told him what he was looking for, what style he wanted, and what his budget was, and then they emailed back and forth for weeks on the specifics. In the end, it was exactly what I was hoping for - they did an amazing job! So while I was completely surprised by the proposal, I suppose I wasn't as surprised by the ring as we had discussed it previously! 
  • I am currently double majoring in biology and chemistry as a pre med student! I've been set on going to med school but recently my family is telling me I need to look into pharmacy since I like chemistry so much and it's not as long of school. I have no idea what to do now! Any advice on how to figure this out before it's too late?
    • Shadow!! That is really one of the best ways you can figure out what you want to do. In college, I was pre-dentistry...until I shadowed a dentist and realized it really wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Then I spent some time with a family physician and fell in love with it. Get in the pre-reqs for both types of programs (I assume they are pretty similar) and then shadow both pharmacists and physicians. It may also help joining a pre-medicine and a pre-pharmacy society, if your school has them. We had similar groups in college, and it gave me the opportunity to go to talks by both dentists and lawyers, which again helped me decide which way I was leaning! 

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  • Happy New Years, you guys! Did you all have a fun night? Ours was very chill - we had a few friends over, ate some delicious food, and then went to bed at 12:15. 
  • This next week is my last week of emergency medicine (although I may do another month in May). I can really see the appeal of this speciality, which is why I've enjoyed the past two months of this so much! I brushed up on a lot of things I haven't learned about in months and months, got to see some really interesting cases, and got to work with some really cool people. Next up - vacation! I haven't had vacation since October of 2015, so! After that I am doing another month of ObGyn (yay!) followed closely by a month of MFM (the high risk Ob doctors). Only four more rotations until graduation!
  • Thank you so much for all of your positive feedback on my new wellness series. I was pretty nervous about it, but your support has made me really excited to continue with it. And thanks to Katie, I've come up with a name for it - Healthyish, which I think is just so fun. Yesterday was our cheat day, and it was great - we went out for brunch, had a pizza for dinner, and had some delicious apps for NYE. Today we're back at it with cleaner eating and a round of leg BBG (which kind of sucks because today is the first day I've been able to walk normal since the last round!)