Sunday, January 29, 2017

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  • In the newly obsessed department, this cowl neck sweater is aaaaaamazing. Full review coming soon, but it's longer, has pockets (!), and is super comfy. I find it fits true to size. 
  • This is kind of random, but how freaking CUTE is this fluffy pillow?! If I had it my way, that would be out in our house some day all year long. I <3 it ;)
  • Old Navy is killing it with their open cardigan - I can't decide if I love the grey or blue more!

ask me anything
  • My BFF just broke up with her boyfriend of 4+ years. She's in her first year of med school, and I'm halfway across the country from her. I know you experienced something similar. What are the best ways for me to help her through this, especially while I'm so far away?
    • Man, that sucks. Break ups during the first part of medical school are super common, unfortunately, and like you said, I also went through that when I started. I think there are certain things you can do just like you would if you were there for her! You can set up google hang outs with your friends and all drink wine in your separate parts of the country to give her some time to vent while still having girl time. I also think sending a cute box with presents is a great idea - it doesn't have to be anything huge and expensive, but just something to show you care. You can send things like chocolate or her favorite candy, a fuzzy blanket (something to cuddle up with), maybe a new DVD that's out (she's busy but she'll have certain nights off in the week), fun new pens (everyone loves cute office supplies), a new lipstick (I suggest a fun pink one!), and a funny card to tell her you love her. I think you're a great friend for looking for ways to cheer her up, and just being there for her as someone to talk to is the best thing you can do for her. 
  • A while back I saw your post about only washing your hair twice per week. I've been doing the same thing for the past few years (so much better for my curls!). But I still struggle with my post-work out hair. What do you do to keep your hair fresh when you get all sweaty and gross or when your hair gets wet in the shower?
    • Great question! So before I work out, I put some dry shampoo in my hair - this helps soak up some of the sweat and also makes your hair less likely to get super gross afterwards. When I work out, I put my hair in a high ponytail and then loosely braid my hair. Then I use a soft hairband - these don't leave dents in your hair, which is key! As soon as I am done working out and get in the car, I take my hair down from the braid and then throw it up into a loose bun so that it doesn't crease from the braid. In the shower, I always use a shower cap! You will definitely look a little bit silly, but it keeps the moisture and water away from your hair to preserve your curls, or in my case, to prevent it from getting super frizzy. I also tend to wash my hair the day before I don't work out, so I have at least one day where I can keep my hair down, and then I typically will pin my hair back the rest of the days after I've worked out. 
  • I'm moving from Arizona to Wisconsin next month, and have no idea what I'm supposed to wear when I get there. What would you suggest are winter staples?
    • Ooooh, I'm so excited for you! I love Wisconsin! But I can also see as someone who is from a much warmer weather that it can be intimidating to move to somewhere where it is typically below zero. The first thing you absolutely need is a winter jacket. What kind you get is very dependent on your own style, how much you'll be outside, and what line of work you do (it's different if you work in a lab versus being a lawyer). Some good options include Cole Haan's down coat (it's sleek, black, and looks incredibly warm), Columbia's hooded parka, and if you prefer a wool coat, I've heard great things about J.Crew's parka! Next is boots! Again, this depends on what you do and how much you'll be outside, but I suggest a pair of real winter boots and a pair of leather boots. I love my Sorel's, so those would be a great option. Since it's the end of the season for stores, there are a ton of boots on sale right now! Sam Edelman has a pretty classic pair on sale, as well as Vince Camuto. I wear a lot of SmartWool socks because they keep your feet warm and dry - they are a bit pricy, but last forever (the pairs I have are over five years old!). You'll want some warm gloves (this tech version is actually pretty darn cute!), a hat or earmuffs, and a few comfy sweaters too. Lastly, while not at all clothing related, I highly suggest getting a headed mattress pad - we are completely obsessed with it, and it's what makes winters around here tolerable. 

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  • I have been in love with Mumford and Sons for about five years now, and have always wanted to see them live, but it never worked out. They just announced that they are playing three extra shows this spring, and one of them is only an hour away from our house! So four days before graduation, we are going to see them  AND I AM SO EXCITED. 
  • Other things I'm currently excited for - Montreal!! We don't have a ton planned as we just decided to go last week, but you guys have left so many great suggestions that I'm excited to explore!
  • Happy birthday to my sister, Viktoria! Those of you who follow along on snapchat (@fhasselhof) know her as the girl who loves to put on a good show. She's actually coming to visit us in Ohio next week, so we'll see if we can't find a good song for her to dance to this time!