Sunday, January 15, 2017

top three [01.15.2017]

maroon scarves forever

medicine facts will return when vacation is over in three weeks! 

on the internet

  • I'm slowly trying to figure out wedding things (we just booked our photographer!), so now it's time to start thinking about wedding event clothes! We're taking our engagement pictures later this spring, and I'm thinking about a dress similar to this style - it's just so pretty (plus any excuse to wear a white dress!). 
  • I've really been loving the look of mock neck sweaters on others this winter...and with this sweater on sale for less than $25, I'm excited to try it out on myself! 
  • It's been years and years since I last bought a winter coat, and with many snowy winters in our future, I'm crushing hard for Cole Haan's winter coat...even though with 25% off, the price is still hard to swallow! 

ask me anything
  • First semester of my freshman undergrad complete, and all I can say is that I'm extremely disappointed. I'm pre-med, yet I received a 2.69 this semester. I was a 3.7 high school student, and I never saw myself going this low in my first year of college. I took four classes (Biology, U.S History, English, and Precalculus). I got an A in English, B in Precal., and C's in both history and biology. Biology is my major, but I got a C in it. Do you think there's any way I could bounce back, or is medicine just not for me?
    • I definitely think there is time to bounce back - in fact, a lot of medical schools say they look at the trend over the years rather than each semester's grades, so in this situation, you can only go up from here and improve your GPA! Now that you have one semester of college under your belt, you kind of know how college and high school differ - you have to have a lot more self motivation to study because there is typically less homework and more exams that count toward your grades. I wouldn't recommend taking a bunch of science and hard math classes at once - you have four years to get all the pre-reqs in, so maybe take one or two science classes next semester, and then take other classes that interest you (that may also fulfill graduation requirements and that may help boost your GPA!). If you are struggling with certain topics, don't be afraid to find a tutor (I had to get one for o-chem - it made a big difference!). Definitely don't let one semester discourage you from pursuing medicine, but realize that you have to work really hard the next couple of semesters so you can have an "upward trend"!
  • Are you planning on changing your last name when you get married?
    • Yes :) 
  • I'm going on vacation to Bermuda next month, and am looking for cute coverups. Any suggestions?

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  • on the blog: recent empties, and which ones are going to be repurchased
  • on the instagram: last time wearing the suit!
  • on the twitter: tapping is definitely a pet peeve!! 

at home
  • This week was such a good one. I had my last interview (yay!), and then spent a few days exploring Chicago with my sister. We stayed at the Silversmith Hotel in the Loop, so we did a lot of exploring in that area. We went to the Art Institute for one morning, had our fill of German dinner and brunches, and got in a ton of steps that day. I just love Chicago - having lived in Madison for seven years, I've been there a ton of times, but always explore a new area, so I'm happy I got a bit more time in the Loop than I had in the past. I also got to take two Soul Cycle classes (one with Hallie, which was amazing because she's amazing), and got pizza and drinks with Liz, so overall, it was such a fun trip!
  • Looking ahead for the week, I have a few spin classes scheduled, will hopefully being doing a second look at a program, and then I'm leaving for Miami on Friday! I'm definitely excited to get a bit of sun and spend time with my family - the six of us haven't all been together since 2013!
  • I know I promised a Day in the Life post last week, but then I kind of fell behind on fingers crossed I can get it together this week! It'll probably be the last one in the medical school series