Sunday, January 8, 2017

top three [01.08.2017]

a last day of rotations tradition


  • Over New Years, there was a few set of twins born in different years
  • Mesentery, which is a fold of peritoneum that connects several abdomen organs to the abdominal wall, has now be reclassified as an organ! I found this blog post about what an organ is, how many organs there are, and who decides what is classified as an organ pretty interesting.
  • Carcinomatosis: a condition where multiple carcinomas (cancer) develop at the same time. This is usually from a dissemination from a primary cancer (the cancer that developed first). 

on the internet

  • I always love these types of pop over blouses, and seeing how they styled it, and that it comes in a large variety of sizes (petites and talls!), I'm pretty much obsessed. 
  • Although I have a favorite type of shirt, I always want to try new things, so I'm very tempted by this cute flowy top from Modcloth. It's a bit different than most tops I own, but I think could still be very "me".
  • My trip to Miami is in two weeks, so I'm still looking for just one or two new springy things to take with - a flutter sleeved dress looks like it would be really cute (although maybe just a bit too short?)

ask me anything
  • I'm a second year medical student, and I'm starting to think about tote bags for 3rd year. I need one that fits a 13 inch Macbook Air. What would you recommend?
    • I have lots of recommendations! One of the big things that I learned going through the clinical years of medical school is that every month, you are going to be working in a different space, so the area you leave your personal belongings will be different. One rotation you'll have a locker, another you'll have a corner in an office, another you'll have a closet you can keep your stuff in. So you want something that's not super expensive and that can also be squished around a bit. The first one I found and loved was this under $70 version that looks so much more expensive than it is. Everlane has a great option for under $50 that is a twill fabric which means it will hold up really well squished into a locker. The most professional option is also under $50 and is perfect for those rotations you'll be wearing professional clothes for. 
  • Do you have any thoughts on doulas? Have any of your patients used one, and if so, do you have any tips on what to look for or avoid?
    • I personally have only seen a professional doula used two times, and both times they were amazing at helping the mother through her delivery. I think if a woman/family decides that a doula is something they are interested in working with, they should definitely ask around for suggestions, read up on what the role of a doula is, and meet with her several times before the end of the pregnancy. I do not know about the specifics about the training requirements of becoming a doula or if anyone can just say they are a doula (and this may very well change state per state like the laws of midwifery changes state per state), but those are things that again should be researched for the area of the country you are in!
  • I'm looking for shoe suggestions now that winter weather has hit! I don't always want to wear tall leather boots, but am struggling to find something that works for slushy, wet days. I'm 5'3" with wide calves, dress casual since I work from home, but do attend meetings where I can get away with black jeans/cute top type outfits.

on franish
  • on the blog: best of beauty 2016
  • on the instagram: celebrating another rotation down (only four left!)
  • on the snapchat (fhasselhof): the amazing items from this month's Popsugar Must Have box - get yours for $5 off with code SHOP5!

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at home
  • Man you guys, that mac & cheese last night was amazing. I  could only eat half of it, and was sad to leave some behind, but today we're starting back at it! This week will be a bit difficult to get in as many work outs as I'd like, but I'll be traveling for an interview and going home for a few days, so hopefully I can get in a few before and after the trips! 
  • The reason I'm able to travel this week is because I am officially on vacation! We get one month per year off for vacation (rather than time around the holidays and summer), but with fourth year scheduling, I haven't been on vacation since October of 2015! No huge trips planned this time around (bummer, last time we went to Santorini), but I'm excited to spend my time with CR (since we now officially live together again!!!!), start the cleaning out process (we move in five months!), sleep in (yaassssss), and spend some more time blogging than I have recently. 
  • Coming up this week: a day in the life of emergency medicine!