Saturday, January 21, 2017

healthyish, vol. 4

I spent most of the last week at home, which was great because we got a lot of things accomplished (like making our rank lists and starting the cleaning out process for moving in a few months). We tried a few new recipes, made a few old favorites, and went out to eat a few times too. I'm in Miami with my family this weekend, celebrating my youngest sister's 21st birthday, so it'll be a nice mix of lots of walking, getting some Vitamin D, and enjoying the local food!

Sunday: 45 minutes on the stairclimber
Monday: 1 hour spin class
Tuesday: 1 hour spin class (which was pretty lackluster, tbh)
Wednesday: 1 hour spin class (which totally made up for Tuesday's class)
Saturday: SoulCyle with my sister, dad, and cousin (so fun!)


Like I said, this week was a nice combination of old favorites and new recipes (that will become old favorites!). We had our go-to omelets (with avocado - yum!), brunch bowls (1/2 sweet potato, breakfast turkey sausage, black beans, and poached eggs), and chili. We went out to eat two times after second looks at programs near us - I got salmon both times and it was delicious! CR doesn't really like seafood, so it's nice to have it at a restaurant once in a while when I'm craving it! In the new category, we finally followed our friend Carrie's lead, and tried our hand at cauliflower crust pizza (see her post about it here). You guys - this basically tasted exactly like a regular thin crust pizza. It was delicious! With the sauce and cheese it's definitely more of mid week "treat" rather than an every day meal, but seriously, it was fairly easy and it tasted amazing. This is the recipe we used that Carrie suggested.


Last week's goals: Go to four spin classes, try out a new exercise class with my friend (we want to try kickboxing!), and stay away from the scale until next Friday. 
     - Spin classes: done! 
     - New exercise class: unfortunately the kickboxing place isn't open yet, so that didn't happen this week
     - Weigh in on Friday: done! 

Next week's goals:
     - Pack healthy snacks for our trip to Michigan and Rochester
     - Spin three times
     - Go on a long walk with the dogs


Like I said, I'm in Miami this weekend, so we are having a bit of fun ;) Trying not to go overboard, but also not worrying too much about calorie counts. We did go to SoulCycle this morning, so hopefully that offsets a few calories ;)

weigh in: down 0.4 lbs, total of 4.4 lbs

I'll be honest guys - I was kind of disappointed to see that number this week. I feel I've been working really hard. I work out more than I basically ever have (thanks, fun spin classes!) and I have been doing really well sticking to my set calories and so on. Some weeks you just lose more than others, so now it's just up to me not to be discouraged by that, and keep doing what is making me feel better, which is eating healthier and doing exercise I enjoy doing.

Hope you guys all had a great week - would love to hear what fun work out classes you took or what new recipes you tried!