Sunday, January 22, 2017

top three [01.22.2017]

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  • I am a second year medical student and am starting to look for clothes for my third year. What do you think about doing a blog post, or a series of blog posts about different outfits that would be suitable around the hospital? I just cannot seem to find any clothes I like online so this would be very helpful. 
  • Have you tried any Lush products? What are your thoughts?
    • I have tried a few of their bath bombs, which are obviously a lot of fun, but besides that, I haven't actually tried a lot of their products (I'm always a bit overwhelmed when I go in that store!). For those of you who love Lush, I'd love to hear your recommendations!
  • I was just hired for my first real job (yay!) and am looking for a work appropriate bag. I love colorful bags. Do you have any suggestions?
    • Congratulations! That is definitely exciting, and now is the perfect time to get your first "grown up" bag. I think a fun colorful person can definitely be appropriate for work - I personally carry a bright red bag most days! On the more inexpensive side of things, here's a classic tote from Amazon that comes in several colors. Target also has a great option that comes with a shoulder strap (which I love for when you need to be handsfree!). An option in the mid price range is this tote from REED - it comes in several awesome color variations (my favorite is the red version!). If you want to go a bit pricier,  Lodis makes a gorgeous red tote that I'd love to own, and Kate Spade's totes are always some of my favorites (I have one from three years ago that still looks basically brand new). 

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  • As I mentioned, we are currently in Miami for my youngest sister's 21st birthday. Since we live all over the country, and actually haven't all been together in over three years, this was the perfect excuse to come visit the city where my other sister currently lives! We have done a lot of exploring, eating, and beach laying! 
  • Last night, I went to my first Cirque de Soleil show. OMG, I was in awe the entire time! I'm pretty sure I never actually closed my mouth. It was the craziest things I have ever seen humans do. Here's a highlights video that basically gives you an idea. Just incredible. 
  • I fly back tomorrow night, and then leave again on Thursday to go with CR to his last interview, and then we are off to Rochester and Montreal. Neither of us have ever been to Montreal, so if you have any suggestions for places to see, things to do, or food to try, I'd love to hear your suggestions!