Saturday, January 28, 2017

healthyish, vol. 5

This week was definitely a week of making "better choices" than the "best choice". I was traveling for all about two of the days, between flying home from Miami, driving up to Michigan with CR for his last interview, and now in Rochester on our way to Montreal. For me for the next week, it's really the most important to continue to make better choices than the best possible. I feel it's easy to be really "good" for about four weeks, and then something like a vacation can totally throw off the momentum - you get back from your trip and just don't get back into healthy habits. After we get back from vacation next week, it'll be back to cooking healthy meals at home and fitting in as many work outs as possible. I think writing this series has definitely helped me stay focused so far, and will definitely help next week when I go back to normal life again. I'm looking forward to our time in Montreal and trying the great food there (hello, poutine!!), and then when we get back and start our next rotation, it'll be back to meal prepping and spin class.


I have never been one to exercise on trips, but I'm proud that I made a point to do it this week! On Monday while still in Miami, my cousin and I went to a Flywheel class - we walked the 1.5 miles there and back from our apartment, so we even got our steps in too! While up in Michigan while CR was at his interview, I went to my first Pure Barre platform class. I used to go to Pure Barre quite a bit, but haven't gone in over a year. I really like the platform version because it has more cardio, and the jumps were so fun! Today I'm feeling the good amount of sore, which I like since I can still walk and move my arms, but I know that my muscles got a good work out! I'm definitely going to try to do a few more of those classes once in a while. 

Monday: 45 minutes Flywheel
Wednesday: 1 hour spin class
Friday: 1 hour Pure Barre platform class


Since I was only home for two days this week, there was minimal cooking, and since we are going to be gone for the next week, we didn't have much left around the house to cook with anyway. I made some spaghetti squash with pesto and turkey meatballs - so good (and easy!). We had a dinner of chicken sausage and broccoli tots. My cousin and I tried an acai bowl after Flywheel - I'm glad I finally got to try one, but I'll be honest, not really something I see myself really eating in the future. While traveling, it was all about "better choices, not best choices". At the airport I got nuts instead of chips. I ate my sandwich opened faced instead of the full bun. While driving up to Michigan, I got some Chick Fil A nuggets without fries, instead of a full sandwich and meal. Are chicken nuggets the healthiest choice ever? Nope - but they were the better choice, and that's what I feel I'm trying to do here. 


Last week's goals: pack healthy snacks for our trip to Michigan and Rochester, go to spin three times and go on a long walk with the dogs.
    - Healthy snacks: done! We packed nuts, protein bars, hippeas, and waters. 
    - 3 spin classes: didn't happen (only 2) but I did accomplish my new exercise goal from last week, so I'll call it even
    - Long walk with the dogs: going this afternoon!

Next week's goals:
    - Walk 10,000 steps every day we are in Montreal
    - Make two healthy meals in our Air BnB we are renting
    - Enjoy all the delicious food Montreal has to offer ;)

treats:  our vacation in Montreal! 

weigh in: down 1.4 lbs, total of 5.8 lbs