Saturday, January 7, 2017

healthyish, vol. 2

So many good meals this week! I had an omelet most mornings this week. For lunches, I made zoodles (I have and love this spiralizer) and combined them with turkey meatballs and a tomato pesto sauce. Later in the week I made a burrito bowl using this recipe (I substituted the rice with veggie rice from Green Giant). Dinners included chicken sausage and brussels sprouts, veggie tots and chicken breast. Snacks included turkey slices rolled up with a Laughing Cow, carrots + hummus, and pistachios. I tracked all of them on My Fitness Pal (@fhasselhof), which I'm pretty proud of because I typically track for a day or two and then give up. I've loved following you guys on there as well!

My goal this week was to do three BBG work outs and go to three spin classes. Due to a few personal things going on in my life, doing a leg or arms work out in my cold garage just seemed so not fun. I did do the full body work out, and went to three spin classes.  My favorite one was on Monday morning - the instructor was so energetic, engaging, and encouraging! I already scheduled to go back to her class next Monday. I also started using cycling shoes, which I think helped during the workouts.

- Sunday: BBG Week 2 full body
- Monday: 60 minutes spin (23 miles)
- Wednesday: 60 minutes spin (22 miles)
- Friday: 45 minutes spin (17 miles)


Last week's goals were to drink 100 ounces of water a day, do 3 BBG work outs + 3 spin classes, and try a new recipe. I didn't track how much water I drank (I tried, but got bored) but I'm pretty sure I was close most days. I didn't do all six work outs - I'm disappointed I didn't actually do that, but I did get in four and all things considered, I feel really good about that. I did try a new recipe too as I mentioned earlier!

This week's goals? Pack enough snacks for my road trip to my interview and home so I don't get tempted by drive throughs, hit 23 miles at spin again on Monday, and actually try to track 100 ounces of water/day.


We went out with a few friends last night and shared a small pizza and had a beer. Therefore, instead of doing a full cheat day today, we are going to eat well during the day, and then tonight we are going out with our favorite couple and I plan on eating as much lobster mac and cheese as possible. It's going to be awesome.

weigh in: 2.4 lbs down this week (4 lbs overall)