Saturday, February 4, 2017

healthyish, vol. 6

CR and I went on vacation to Montreal for most of this week! We rarely get to travel together, and so we definitely made the most of it. The diet was pretty much put on hold - Montreal is a huge foodie city, and we definitely took advantage! Croissants, pizza, risotto, bagels, crepes, poutine - we had it all! It was awesome. Like I said last week, the important thing now is to get right back to how we were doing before we left rather than lament how much awesome (but not as healthy) food we ate. I think it's so easy to do really well on a diet and exercise plan for a few weeks, and then a few days away can kind of make it easy to slide back into old habits. I start back with normal life on Monday with a new rotation, so I'm excited to start meal prepping and booking more exercise classes. Thank you for being my motivation - nothing like writing about what you ate on the internet to get your butt in gear!

We were in Montreal Monday through Thursday, and while there, I didn't do any formal work out routine...but on Tuesday, we walked over 9 miles, so I'm counting it! I also made it to the gym a few times for some cardio sessions, and a spin class with my sister today. 

Sunday: 45 minutes on the elliptical 
Tuesday: 9+ miles of walking
Wednesday: 6 miles of walking
Friday: 45 minutes/150 flights on the stairmaster
Saturday: 1 hour spin class (a new 'calories burned' PR - thanks, hills!)

Like I said...not much "healthy" food this week. One of my favorite meals from the trip was a Montreal bag with lox - so so good! At home, CR made a vegetarian chili (my sister is a vegetarian) so we've been eating that for quite a few meals. This morning I made us my favorite breakfast bowls: sweet potato, chicken breakfast sausage, black beans, and poached eggs. 


Last week's goals: walk 10,000 steps every day we are in Montreal, make two healthy meals in our Air BnB we are renting, enjoy all the delicious food Montreal has to offer 
    - 10,000 steps: definitely got those in! 
    - 2 healthy meals: .....yeah, this did not happen. Can you blame me? I can't.
    - Enjoy the delicious food: YEP. done and done!

Next week's goals: 
    - Drink only water this week
    - Pack a lunch + snacks for every work day
    - Work out four times 

treat for the upcoming week: We are going to our friends' house for the Superbowl. I'm going to eat some chili before we go so I'm not super hungry and gorge myself on cheese dip, and we are bringing somewhat healthier food for our part of the potluck (carrots + dip, deviled eggs, and cowboy caviar). I'm still going to allow myself a few bites of the other food, but I'm going to try to not to go overboard. Since we had quite a bit more alcohol on our trip than we normally do, I'd like to only drink water this upcoming week, so I'll bring some sparkling water along. 

weigh in: I'm not weighing myself after vacation for the same reason I didn't before - a bit of post-vacation bloat plus the food we ate will definitely show up on the scale, so I don't want to be discouraged. I'll wait until next Friday to do a weigh in!