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  • A few weeks ago, a study came out that researchers had created a human-pig embryo, in hopes of being able to some day grow human organs to be harvested for donation. The article linked also discusses a lot of the ethical concerns that come with this type of research, which I found extremely interesting.
  • Another study that came out shows that cervical cancer is a bigger threat than was being initially reported. Older statistics included women who have had hysterectomies - but since those women don't have a cervix, they can't get cervical cancer. With those women removed from the data, death from cervical cancer has a much higher rate that previously stated. This is your friendly reminder that if you are due for you Pap smear, please call your doctor and set up an appointment. No one should die from cervical cancer. 
  • One of the first successful surgeries to remove a gallbladder was performed by a surgeon named William Halsted, who performed the surgery on his mother on their kitchen table. Oh the 1800s...

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  • How do you budget for everyday life? I've seen your clothing budget posts, but I was wondering what you do for groceries, makeup etc...
    • My method of budgeting may be different than yours because I live on student loans, so I get my money twice a year instead of every other week like people who work do. So what I do is that when my loan check comes, I put money into a bunch of different savings accounts. I calculate roughly how much my bills are each month (car +  rent + phone + gas & electric), and put that plus a little extra into my "Bills" account. Then I give myself $150 every two weeks to spend on groceries, gas, and fun things. That money is automatically transferred to my checking every two weeks, and that's what I'm allowed to spend. The rest of the money goes into a savings account for when I need it - like when my tires need to be replaced or when I have to pay to take another $1200 test. I also earn money from blogging, but because that income is so variable, I can't rely on it every month to live on (which is why I take out loans). My blogging money is what I use for my clothing budget, and then used to pay off some of the interest on my loans, and then mostly put into various other savings accounts - one for taxes (since it's not taxed when I receive it), a house fund, a travel fun, and a wedding fund. I'm looking forward to next year when I no longer have to take out loans, and when I finally start making a real income again - right now my finances are always up in the air!
  • I am having the hardest time finding a true winter coat that works for me. Something that will work for colder temperatures, casual or dressier outfits. Two musts, must be lined because I can't stand how unlined coats "stick" and must be able to layer of a sweater. I thought the J. Crew chateau parka was the one but the arms are too tight and it is size up the body is much too large do to the style of the coat. Any thoughts?
    • I definitely know where you are coming from - I find winter coats to be one of the hardest things to shop for! I found a few cute options. The first one, and one my favorites, is this interesting Lauren Ralph Lauren coat. I love the front buckles because they are unique without being weird, and I think the style works well both for casual and more professional outfits. Ellen Tracy also makes a coat that works well for both occasions, and comes in both more neutral colors and a fun green. Lastly, I always love the look of toggle coats, and so Tommy Hilfiger's version would be a good option too! I of course have to mention my recent winter coat purchase too (seen here) - it may be too casual depending on how professionally dressed you have to be, but I have fairly bigger arms and I was able to easily layer underneath it!
  • I want to get my boyfriend a new watch for Valentine's day. What do you recommend?

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  • I'm on my way home from a quick trip down to Atlanta! My best friend is doing a rotation at the CDC, and since we haven't seen each other for a few months, this was a perfect excuse! Thank you so much for all of your suggestions! We spent Saturday going to a spin class together, going to brunch, exploring Ponce City Market, walking the belt line, going out for pizza, and having just general girl time. Atlanta was such a fun place to visit, and definitely on my list of places I hope to come back to to explore further. It seems like such a fun, vibrant, and delicious city to be in! 
  • It was my first week back on rotations - I'm doing ObGyn with a private attending for the month. It's definitely been interesting to see how difference physicians and groups work, and gives me a better idea of what kind of practice I see myself (hopefully) working in in four years! 
  • Posts coming up this week: a review of my apple watch (ps. they are currently $70 off!!), a how to for an at home manicure, and what we did in Montreal!.