Sunday, February 26, 2017

top three [02.26.2017]

I just really love my: camel blazer (seriously, it's my favorite!)

  • The Mayo Clinic announced this week that last year, they successfully completed a near entire face transplant on a patient following a suicide attempt. The surgery took over 55 hours! You can see a before and after here. Medicine is so cool!
  • Tuberculosis is named after the Latin word tuber because the swollen glands associated with Tb look like little vegetables!
  • Pitted keratolysis is a disease my friend just saw while on her derm rotation. It is a bacterial infection of the feet that causes pits in the feet - it looks like this

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  • The color and style of this Steve Madden tote are classics, but the stitching keeps it young and fresh. Do you prefer the cognac or black version? 
  • "Fancy tees" are definitely my favorite category of clothing - cotton, non-constricting, and cute?! It's the perfect article of clothing. Loft has an adorable version of the fancy tee that I am in love with - that black tee is definitely going to be mine!
  • I am obsessed with BB Dakota's adorable lace dress. I love that it has a higher neckline and sleeves, but the shorter hemline and fabric keep it sexy and flirty. BB Dakota continues to be one of my favorite brands!

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ask me anything:
  • You featured a mascara on your instagram this week and mentioned how amazing it was (and your lashes looked fab!). Do you mind sharing what brand it was?
    • It's from Chanel! I know, I's pretty expensive. I got a sample of it when I went to a beauty event at Nordstrom this week, and am a bit obsessed with it now. If you live near a Nordstrom (or any department store that sells Chanel beauty products), I'd stop by to see if they have any samples for you to try it out. I'm hoping that'll get me by for the next few months ;)
  • Second year medical student here. What are your favorite brands, styles, colors for scrubs? Do you have to buy them for yourself or do hospitals provide them?
    • So to answer your second question first, it really depends what rotation you are on and where you are working. If you are on a surgical rotation, you will wear the scrubs provided to you by the hospital - most hospitals have rules that you can only wear scrubs they wash at the hospital in their operating rooms. If you are on a medicine service, you may have to wear hospital scrubs or your own - I would ask your resident when you start! Most times if you are in the clinic and are allowed to wear scrubs, this is when you can wear your own! I haven't tried a ton of different scrubs myself, but Maevn sent me two pairs a few months ago and I'm obsessed with them. The pants come in longs, which is key if you are tall (they also have petites for you shorter ladies). They are just so comfortable, and flattering (especially when compared to the ones provided by the hospital). I have a navy pair and a ceil blue pair. 
  • How do you care for your leather and suede shoes?

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  • On Thursday, I met up with Katy at Nordstrom in Beachwood for a sneak peak for Nordstrom's Beauty Trend week coming up in two weeks. We got our make-up done (I love when people do my make-up), got to play with a whole bunch of goodies, and left with the most amazing swag bag (it had full sized Chanel skincare products in it!). I also ended up ordering several beauty products because they were that beautiful (spoiler: this eyeshadow palette and this contour/highlight palette that looked amazing on everyone that was there that night!). 
  • I talked about this on Instagram, but we officially handed in our rank lists on Wednesday. Now there is nothing to do except wait. We find out in 3 weeks what happens...and yes, I'm slowly dying waiting!
  • On Friday, it was 70 degrees!! It was absolutely amazing. I sat outside with the dogs, got a bit of sun, and then went on a picnic with my friend Amy. Now it's back to 30 degrees...