Sunday, February 19, 2017

top three [02.19.2017]

my favorite item from this week's review
  • The first x-ray ever taken was of the inventor's wife's hand. She was so disturbed by this that she later said "I have seen my death". The inventor's name was Wilhelm Roentgen. The German word for x-ray is Roentgen bild, which literally means Roentgen's picture!
  • The term "radial mastectomy" sounds, well radical. Rather than the definition that we know as "far fetching", it is actually based off of the Latin meaning of "root" - this is because the surgery was to attack the cancer at its root, at the time thought to the be the pectoralis major (the muscle in your chest). 
  • The abuse of antibiotics is something that we discuss almost on a daily basis, no matter what rotation I am on. Antibiotic resistance is a real problem, which is why your doctor won't prescribe you an antibiotic if they believe you have a virus. Last month, a woman in Nevada died because her infection was resistant to every antibiotic allowed for treatment in the US

on the internet

  • I don't wear dresses to work as much as I thought I would...but that doesn't stop me from day dreaming about wearing this adorable tweed dress all spring long. It even has full short sleeves!
  • Have you noticed I take a really long time to decide to try something new? I love the slip on sneaker trend, but somehow keep hesitating to try some. Target has a really cute pair though, and for that price, I feel it's about time!
  • I actually really love Old Navy's sports bras, and my favorite kind just came out in this gorgeous floral print. Wouldn't that look so cute peaking out from under a black tank?

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ask me anything
  • What kind of bike shoes do you have? Do you like them? Thinking of getting a clip in pair for my spin bike but I'm not even sure where to start looking/what to look for...?
    • I got a pair of Shimano shoes on Amazon. I honestly just clicked through a bunch of them and read the reviews, and based on that, purchased that pair. I do have high arches, so I put insoles in to make them more comfortable. A lot of the women at my spin class wear the Shimano brand shoes, so I feel they are a pretty good place to start looking! I know that there are stores that also sell spin shoes, so if you have something like that near you, that would be helpful too. If you ride at a studio, ask your instructor! Ours has an agreement with a local shoe store that if you tell them you ride at our studio, you'll get a discount. Don't forget that when you buy spin shoes, they usually don't come with the actual clip - you have to buy that part separate. 
  • Would love to hear any pointers you have on making friends after college. I graduated and moved to an entirely different state (which I know you did too), and am having such trouble finding friends!
    • Girl, I feel you on that. I've been struggling with that since I graduated college because most of my college friends moved away after graduation, and then of course I'm now currently living in Ohio with not much support here for the time being. For me currently, going to work out classes has really given me the chance to meet new people. I don't bring my phone in with me before class, so you're really forced to interact with people more. I also linked to this post a few weeks ago written by another blogger who had some great tips!
  • I'm going to the beach for an "adult spring break" in April, and want to add a few fun pieces for the trip. Any suggestions? It's going to be very low key!

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at home
  • We are in the double digits!! 98 days left until graduation. I can hardly stand it, I am so excited! In an education that is 1399 days long, the last 100 are so so sweet ;)
  • In celebration, CR and I played Mario Kart and Super Mario Brothers almost all of Saturday (in between going on long walks with the dogs in this beautiful weather!). Nothing brings a couple together like trying to out race each other in a video game...or maybe nothing tears you apart? Either way, it's been really fun to have something to play together!
  • Are you guys having as amazing weather as we are? It's 60 degrees today! I don't want to brag if you're stuck under three feet of snow...but it's pretty darn beautiful here :)