Saturday, February 18, 2017

healthyish, vol. 8

Earlier this week, I was somewhat doubting this process. This is my eighth week of committing to this lifestyle, and I think it's easy to get discouraged when you don't see instant results. Coupled with last week's increase in weight, I was a bit just like...will this work? I know that the exercise has been so great for me mentally, and I feel less bloated the mornings after I had healthier meals the day before, but I wasn't sure if that was enough. I only weigh myself once a week because I find the day to day fluctuations frustrating, so when I finally weighed myself yesterday, I was very excited to see that I was down 2.4 lbs from last week, or 1 lb down from before Montreal. I guess I just need to trust the process and know that I'm not doing this the "instant result" way, but slowly and steadily working towards my goal!

Monday: 1 hour spin class
Wednesday: 1 hour spin class
Thursday: 45 minute spin class
Saturday: 1 hour spin class

I accidentally deleted most of the pictures of food I made this week, but it was a delicious week for sure. For breakfasts I made either a chicken sausage omelette or a banana smoothie. On Wednesday when I had to be in the OR by 7 AM, I got a power breakfast sandwich with double eggs from Panera - it kept me full all morning! For lunches this week I had zoodles with chicken sausage, a chicken fajita dish CR made, left over pulled pork, and a chicken sausage. Dinners included a delicious beef kabob dish on Monday with this amazing cinnamon rice that I allowed myself to eat about a third of, burgers and sweet potato fries for a quick Valentine's Day dinner, a new recipe from Goodful, and pulled pork + vegetables from our favorite BBQ place (I used to get the cheesey potatoes, so baby steps over here!). Snacks included eggs, a few Kind bars, and carrots. CR got me macaroons for Valentine's Day, so I had one of those a day! 


Last week's goals: 
  • Do one weight lifting work out: this didn't happen. I had it planned for yesterday, but my body just felt really tired, so I napped instead. Sometimes you gotta listen to your body!
  • Try a new recipe for lunches: done! I had a fajita dish for lunches, and tried out this zoodle recipe on Thursday.
  • Stay away from the discounted chocolate aisle: done!

This week's goals:
  • Go to 1 Pure Barre class
  • Hit a new PR for calories burned at spin
  • Make a new recipe with cauliflower rice

We went out for Italian last night - I had a great glass of Riesling, had a few pieces of bread, and a plate of chicken tortellini. So good!

weigh in: - 2.4 lbs (total: - 6.8 lbs)